The playstyles you want for the characters in mk11

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  1. I'm glad that you're taking time to critique my thinking in a meaningful way, friend. I'm wanting to be a game designer, so I'm trying to figure things out before they can come up. Let's see.

    1) I believe it will add to the game. Mortal Kombat specifically is about super powered humans, gods, and robots fighting to the death. I would assume that their constitution will be akin to one another. So Kano putting Cyrax in an armbar should be doable if Johnny Cage can break a god's elbow and knee. There can be another middle ground, I'm pursuing this angle now though.

    2) Not every character should have a submission hold, as not every character should have a command grab. Sometimes characters need to fulfill certain archetypes, like the super strong bear-wrestler, or the cocky actor who knows he can back up what he can say with a testicle crunch.
    Likewise, there will be only be a few submission artists. People know how to counter grapplers. And people will learn how to counter submission artists. I've seen how you can escape throws in Tekken by inputting a specific button to not take as much damage, so I will say that submissions will be similar to that.
    I will have a tutorial explaining how to escape sumbissions by pressing a button that controls any limb.

    3) It can go into unnecessary input territory very easily. Maybe that's one thing that won't be implemented. Maybe that will only be for one character that can reverse submission escapes, I don't know. I want an opportunity to explore though.

    Thank you for reading.
  2. LarSanity

    LarSanity My sword thanks you

    I want kenshi back with a emphasis on great martial arts with telepathic abilities, not telepathic abilities that gets beat up by grandmas if they get too close. Playing green arrow who I feel is a great mixture of both playstyles is whay I want without being OP.

    My second main johnny cage I sucked with him in MKX he just seemed less fluid and flashy than in MK9. Obviously there are great JC players no disrespect to them
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  3. HeavyNorse

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    I loved Grayson's Nightwing in the first Injustice where he wielded the two batons. When MKX was announced, we saw this concept art for the MKX comics, and I had hoped a character like that would've been in the game as well and played somewhat like Nightwing did:


    I would love to see a character like that in MK11.
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  4. BurdaA

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    Did you play/like Kobra? Asking as a fellow Nightwing main.
  5. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse So thirsty

    ... Kobra? As in... MKD Kobra? Not at all. Not sure why you'd ask that, as he has absolutely nothing to do with Nightwing, doesn't look like him, doesn't play like him...
  6. BurdaA

    BurdaA Wondercat

    Ok my bad... Kali sticks are nothing like batons.

    Was asking asking because I generally play baton characters in anything. But Kobra felt garbage.

    That said, nvm I’ve lost interest, laters.
  7. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse So thirsty

    Oh right, he had the Kali Sticks in MKD, I forgot that. But it was so trash.
  8. the run mechanic is the best part of mkx, to make zoners happy I think we should give the ability to run away just as fast, but when running away you are vulnerable to attack.
  9. GLoRToR

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    There is no mk 11.

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  10. Cursa

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    Boon and Tobias spelt backwards gives Noob Saibot

    Therefore Noob Saibot confirmed for MK11

    Therefore MK11 confirmed #HatersGonnaHate
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  11. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    Raiden's f2 looks almost the same as classical FG move known as "Wind God Fist", and has all sorts of sparking electrical follow-ups in games it appears in (MKX / I2).

    Which confirms that both Raiden and Fujin will be featured in the next game, and that it's likely to be MK x Tekken.
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