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Yea but you block any of our “fundamentals or teleports” and we give up our turn or die. Plus we’re straightforward, no crazy looking strings or oddball cancels. And EVERYONE has fucked up hitboxes. You wanna complain about those? I run Frost too. I can’t punish scorpions TP from one side using a standing jab, half to dash but the other side it’s fine.

Out of all the “S tiers” scorpion is the one I worry about the least.
You don't die on teleport block. It's a ridiculous guessing game to punish.

Everyone has to deal with derpy hitboxes but few characters have a hitconfirmable safe ranged mid string that has no hurtbox on the end

Practically everyone gives up their turn if they block minus geras lol.

I play cage so I really don't give a shit about geras. sonya and erron are stupid also but that doesn't justify scorpion being a mess.

I play frost as well I'm well aware.
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Ok, so I doubt this is character exclusive but Kotal Kahn, in addition to his other major suckage... If I jump "over" ONE MORE GODDAMN FIREBALL, only to be sniped out of the air because apparently Kotal has the leaping ability of a fucking koala bear with arthritis and they ALL hit his feet at the apex of his jump, I am going to literally shit.
last night, me and 3 buddies tried to create a private koth room.

me and buddy 2 connected without any issues. 3 and 4 frequently experienced crashes if they try to join. if I connect with 3 or 4, 2 crashes if he tries to connect.

this happen to any of you?

the 3 buddies are on the same isp (I'm not) and we're definitely on the same version of mk11.


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I don't think the game needs all the nerfs people talk about. I think a SIMPLE rework on frame data would change a lot. Who the fuck at NRS decided to give only like 6 characters a 6frame poke.... that guy should be fired. If frame data was changed up, jailing workED PROPERLY, then a LOT of characters that have problems right now would have better chances. Universal 7Frame D1's across the board. I'm also down for universal D3's. If the jailing worked how it should, a ton of characters who are struggling right now would have much much more options. So, fuck the character nerfs/buffs. RE WORK SOME SIMPLE FRAME DATA FOR US!

Might I also add, gives us customs for Tourney play and the games life cycle could double. It can NOT be that hard for you to select your character, a drop down menu appears and you select three options. That CAN NOT be that hard. Now, whether those variations would be BALANCED like that........... a whole different convo.


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I don't know how the hell the online matches are working as they should, like WB says. It used to be smooth as butter, now something is clearly broken.

Another thing I hate is being forced to listen to people talk to me in a language I don't understand or have a conversation with someone else they're sitting with. Just let me mute voice chat, please.


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locking skins and gear behind kombat league is bad enough, but doing it to certain moves (brutalities, scorpion's 5th victory) as well is outright despicable.
KL rant. Would be nice if the game stopped pairing me against people 1000+ points below me, so every win I get like 10 points but every loss is like -70 to -100. Not like I'm high rank, there should be plenty of people to match me against in Champion.
I'm done. I'm done with Mortal Kombat. I play the game because I enjoy(ed) the quality of it's online play. Somehow with the introduction of Kombat League it has become a cesspool of Wifi warriors that lag so hard the game doesn't even read my inputs. Back to Tekken.


I'm simply trying to play towers and stream it with some ranked afterwards and the game is shutting down over and over all day...
I grind everyday and save up ample coins for the shrine only to be rewarded with gear & skins for characters I don't use at all. Same with AI Battles, It's very frustrating and off putting.


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Not a fan of tech rolling out of the corner and trying to whiff punish my opponent only to be smacked by the back of their elbow.
Or jumping over Cassie when she does f2 grab only to be magnetised to the front so her KB hits me lol


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mk11 is like the sf5 of mk games
I was just talking about this today. I feel like the skill gap is very slim almost non existant. A cheesy player can rock safe strings all day and get away with it. Especially online when sometimes you don't have a lot of time to poke out correctly. I don't feel like I'm a good player in this game. I rarely just get an easy win.


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I quit playing this game about two weeks ago, a bit more probably. It just got me so frustrated. I might return for Fujin, and maybe Sheeva, but I don't think I'll ever buy one of their games on release again. Shame, MK was my all time favorite game series.
I wish that when opponent disconnects during the "finish him" screen it counted as a quitality. Happened to me today and it was so frustrating.