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Some ppl here act all like their made of gold...

Like this game has zero issues and that every issue you have with the game, that is a personal opinion for godsake, is bc your might be trash at the game. Godcomplex attitude..

90% of the ppl that praise anything about the game at release are the one that complain 3years later.. problably to dumb to see some of the issues in the first place.

Threads like this are suppossed to help the devs and are a good thing.
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I know. I wouldn't have a problem with male characters showing skin, if the female characters were too. But they're not.

I actually liked the MK9 outfits, especially in comparison to the ones in MK11. But with that said, I do understand why some people may not like them. It's really just something you'll either love or hate. In that game, they are showing more skin the male characters, sure, but remember that the target audience of MK is men, so they can get away with that double standard. The other way around , however, not so much.

While gameplay is the most important aspect, there are more to video games than just gameplay. And the lack of skin showing has been proven a controversial and touchy subject, which is naturally going to cause a lot of debate.




Feminists have contaminated the games with idiocies like the "objectification of female characters"
"Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as a mere object of sexual desire. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity."

This means treating a person as an object.

In advertising, modeling, beauty contests, etc; There is no such thing as "objectification" because a woman FREELY exercises her OPTION to work as a model, in an advertisement, in a beauty contest, to work with her image, etc. She is exercising a human right that is her FREEDOM or LIBERTY to work and do what she likes to do. From the first moment, she exercises something that is inherent in his quality as a human person that is her human rights, this is absolutely the opposite of being an "object".

In fact, those who are really objectifying women on this point are feminists, who want to censure and prohibit women from working as a model, in advertising, in a beauty contest, working with their image, etc. And prevent the free exercise of her OPTION AND LIBERTY. For example, by preventing women from working as advertising products or as we have already seen, removing the competition from Miss America swimsuits. All this only because feminists want to impose their ideology and morals on others.

And in fact, you could not "objectify" for example Jade MK because Jade is not a human person, has no human rights, is a fictional character, literally is an object. In things like this, "gender studies" show their farce and sensationalism to drive their narrative.

In addition, what "gender studies" or feminists say: "objectification is that women in a bikini contest are valued for their body and sexual attractiveness over other attributes" does not make sense because it would be the same case in that an athlete in an athletics competition that is only valued for his speed.

In addition, too, beauty is appreciated because the Hellenic principle is accepted that some people are born or become more beautiful than others. It is likely that feminists call this an "offense against equality". I believe that equality is an absolute moral imperative in politics or before the law, but that the arts (like videogames or design) will always be governed by the "elitism" of talent and the "tyranny" of appearance.

Feminists and their "gender studies" are just that, an IDEOLOGY masquerading as a science to give it false academic legitimacy
. This farce is developed in the faculties of social sciences, which have been instrumentalized for this political activism. The faculties of social sciences are often not being serious in the "investigations" or "studies" that they claim to have, but these studies are only aimed at continuing to promote a political narrative with little intellectual rigor. Famous is the "Sokal affair", scandal that undressed the little intellectual rigor that the social science faculties can have in their "studies"


Another, more recent, is the one that brings to light all the corruption and political activism that the social science faculties are doing precisely in "gender studies" and "identity politics". This is like ROSETTA STONE that comes to explain all this gangrene in the social climate.


Journalists and other professionals study at the university and are indoctrinated by these same activist teachers with all of them "studies", after that it jumps to politicians and the mass media and ends up contaminating everything and thus this unpleasant situation has contaminated video games and in this precise moment to MK.

people who demonize or criminalizes sex appeal of women in videogames and who has absolutely no argument. Just repeat shame and guilt tactics And they intend to impose on all people (men and women) her totalitarian ideology by censoring all video games

These SJW are not even asking for a DLC that fits their ideology or morals without bothering others, they want all games to be completely adjusted according to their morale.

Do people like Anita Sarkeesian and all those feminist SJW activist journalists with their ideology of "gender studies" who infest the mass media want female characters with burqa or covered and toned down? Well. But here there are fans who do not care about the political correctness, nor the activist journalists SJW; and they only want OPTIONS of the classic sexy costumes like those of MK9.

The developers have to make a DLC Anita Sarkeesian, feminist SJW MODE for feministservice

The game must have OPTIONS and everyone happy.
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I simply want a fighting game to BE a fighting game. Not some thing thats meant to be ground into infinity because of this attitude and idea that every single game needs to be an RPG and have some sense of progression. If something like that actually mattered and wasnt made to be like a mobile game it would have actual tournament and bracket modes built into the offline and online component. Because getting better at a tournament level and trying to be the top dog is supposed to be the "progression", not grinding on some imaginary ladder for imaginary points that dont lead to anything interesting or reward you with something cool. It used to be that playing well and being good was the goal and reward in fighting games. Now its trying to scrape the BARE MINIMUM of content YOU PAID FOR because the corporate suits and developers dont want you to have access to content you already own without grinding forever or paying to unlock it. What was once meant to be a joy and something interesting and rewarding is now horrible and a pain in the ass. Was "being fun" just too much to ask?


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Did they really add a thread for all this shit because this forum can't bare to grasp that some people are going to have an issue with the game?

For fuck's sake.
lmao the people in here

I have but a tiny complaint: why are the tournament variations not actual variations from the beginning? Why did I have to google how to set them up? Who's in charge of the UX at NRS? I don't want to mess around with super powers in single player, I just want to play a doggone fighting game.


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The female's costumes in this game scream, "we're terrified of the political climate!"

That is the antithesis of what Mortal Kombat should be. It's the last franchise on earth that should be worried about offending people. The game used to be an escape from all the bullshit hypocrisy and whining that plagues media, but now it just reminds me of it... and that makes the game significantly less enjoyable. This isn't the Mortal Kombat I know.


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this roster sucks again, and revenants are shitty ideas that shouldnt be base skins.

i dont understand, they leave out the actual deeper fan favorite characters every fucking time, and even some of the popular ones. they are about to sell us cyrax and sektor AGAIN. shang isnt in base AGAIN. we sure did get more iffy new characters and brought back probably the worst received one from last time outside of ferra/torr.

the ninjas should be base roster staples, it will never ever make sense to me that they arent. ermac/reptile/smoke/rain would be killer, but i guess we're getting spawn/ash/terminator instead.

also quit shoveling other characters moves on kitana you uninspired hacks, that shit is the WORST. wasn't mileena in the dlc files? why does kitana have anything of hers? geras and cetrion can eat me raw, who gives a fuck, seriously. you can throw them on the funeral pyre with the trash we discarded from mkx.

the pc port of this game, nnnn. why are menus in 30 frames, there is no excuse in the year 2019 for yall to still be doing janky pc shit. also can we get spome classic stages or something? these are okay but we've been out here trynna get a portal stage forever now.

this game reeks of the poor decision making that ruined mkx for me. i hope i see some good shit in these kombat packs.

this is my problem, what the hell wb games??? fcuk this. I was looking forward to this game and now this???
The tournament variations are so poorly put together its jarring. Cetrion has an empty slot in both of her variations? I don't even like that character but holy shit how can you do that? Shao Kahn taunts have no way to guarantee them without getting punished, another waste of a spot. Just give us customs in tournament already.


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Love the game. The gameplay is truly outstanding.

But the Krypt is an unmitigated f*cking disaster. Expensive chests, filled with random contents, the vast majority of which consist of consumables/artwork that I will never use/look at.

Come on, NRS. All most of us care about are skins and brutalities.

MK11 >>>> MKX

BUT MKX Krypt >>>>>> MK11 Krypt
I don't like how we're forced into continuing to fight during ranked matches. Tekken did this the best with it's revenge match system. You could basically ranked match fight someone endlessly and have the option to leave whenever. MK is having the injustice 2 problem where I'm now forced into a 3/5 set with someone who is lagging horrendously. I know I could leave whenever but why should I have to take the loss just because my opponent's connection is straight dookie butter.
welcome to this classic TYM thread!
this time: MK11

are you salty and you feel that you have to complain about something or blame somebody? do it here!

The tournament variations are so poorly put together its jarring. Cetrion has an empty slot in both of her variations? I don't even like that character but holy shit how can you do that? Shao Kahn taunts have no way to guarantee them without getting punished, another waste of a spot. Just give us customs in tournament already.

If they feel like the custom variations would be too overpowered in ranked, then just increase the cost of certain moves from 1 slot, to 2.

There's no reason subzero should have a tournament variation WITHOUT his slide...as for imbalance, it's about the player, not the moves.

Give Thanos the infinity gauntlet, and he snaps half the universe away, but give it to Baraka, he probably punches himself in the face with it.


The lack of Rain or Smoke in this game is pretty stupid. I don‘t even have a problem with the leaked DLC honestly, but if that‘s all there‘s gonna be I will.

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The krypt has me fucked up lol. Last time I was in 10k+ chests only gave me konsumables and icons. While I got finishers and skins in chests that didnt exceed 7k. Also, not much variation in skins for characters I wanna use


I bet there's a secret character in the Krypt.

Just my hypothesis.

I've never thought this about MK9/MK11.