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The MKXL Bug/Glitch/Issue/Stability Reporting Thread


It's too laggy to poke...
There has been several reports of lag and dropped frames in practice mode and I think it happens to me. This has nothing to do with online, rollback, or anything to do with internet. I boot up ps4 from "off" and not "rest" and I still have problems. I bought a new controller and I still have problems. I reinstalled mkxl and I still have problems. I did a factory reset on my ps4, reinstalled mkxl, and I still have problems. The patch notes mentioned controller configuration resetting after rollback during online play and that also means negative edge turns on and off whenever. If this also happens in offline mode that might explain why I still have problems. I don't know what's going on and I'm kinda sorry for wording this message the way I did, but there "is" something weird going on and it should be addressed. I have zero expectations for esl but if the Tournament Circuit goes through in it's entirety and these issues were swept under the carpet... That is a load of bullshit.

Two different scenarios of practice mode having a mind of it's own. Inputs say one thing... Kung Jin does whatever the hell he feels like I guess.

Sorry but "It's frustrating playing SUB ZERO!"... I mean it's frustrating to continue to have these issues... Please help NRS...


the online is fucked with the latest update. Damn near every match I had in ranked had ridiculous amounts of lag. I made a thread earlier but it got lost in the sauce. Seems like its just as bad before the beta if not worse. I'm frustrated. I know the devs skim this thread, please fix asap. Much respect.

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Hi, i have been experiencing this alot for some reason. It has happened in a private koth too. I was playing a set earlier with someone. And i was not able to choose kp2 chars except for BRC.

Has this happened to anyone else? This has been happening since i've gotten ps plus after buying kp2. It gets very annoying.
This is the first time this happened in a private match. This happens very frequently in private koth.

Is there any reason this happens?
Every time I play someone online I have to reset the game before I connect or else all my dlc except jason, tanya and goro will be locked.

xxFalcon Loverxx

Ignorant slaves, how quickly you forget.
It's probably something to do with that as to why they dissapeared. Just try restarting the game and they might reappear.
No, i'm able to use them in practice and everything offline, but i can't use some of them at some times in private koths and this happened the first time in private match. It's just very annoying and this needs to be fixed. Imagine you're having a set with someone....And you can't use the only character you know how to play. (Yes, i can play half the cast) But this can be kind of stupid and sometimes makes whoever you're playing with think of you as a rage quitting scrub who's making excuses if you try to tell them you can't play them.
Don't think that's a glitch, you got the hat back on your head since the last hit before you called the hat back killed him. So when you went to call it back it put out up hat trap instead :p
You may be right but this did not happen before. I think I have another video in another situation. I will review.


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I'm having automatic declines since the last patch. Can't get games with anybody online.

When MKXL launched, I had that problem only sometimes, but now it's all the time.