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The injustice Hate Mail Thread (Foul language)


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Man, I'm gonna miss the hatemail I got with Nightwing. It ranged from the classic "Faggit spammer noob", to the more playful "ill wingding ur nan".

Good times man... good times.


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just got my first hatemail, some online warrior named "Spherax92" (750/110 (over a mil & a half xp) or something around that ratio)
back story - I ran into this guy in ranked 3 times in 20 mins, he used Batman (i was using Ares). dude was jumping all over me and i was struggling to adapt. the 4th time tho, i kept my cool and took a clean win and then it began.... obviously he was angry for loosing to sum1 as new to the game as me so i took the chance to instigate

Spherax92 - Scrub
Me - Stay mad bro, you sure you were jumping enuff?
Spherax92 - Says the pleb who needs spam to win, get some fucking skill, its not my fault you are too stupid to block overhead crossups
Me - hard times for the online warrior
Spherax92 - Meet me irl you little loser, i bet you are sitting on your virgin ass all day masturbating to online pussy and pretending you are a smartass behind your playstation3, you fucking degenerate with an iq of 2w0 (2w0? lol)
Me - lmao i aint reading all that crybaby bullshit, i WILL post this on testyourmight tho. this conflict fuels me BITCH ahahaha
Spherax92 - Go ahead, post it on TYM you pathetic imbecile, they are gonna just laught at your pathetic way of trying to justify your stupidity online
*moments later i get paired with him again in ranked, this time he went straight to Nightwing. tried to zone me but i kept teleporting around and catching him in the God Smack reset, he then proceeded to GIVE UP then ragequit*
Spherax92 - you realize you get loses and disconnects when someone quits right? good luck with that
*obviously mistaking me for some1 who actually gives a shit*
Spherax92 - tear filled. lol. i guess everything in your small brain cant comprehend is tear filed. Seems legit. virgin.
Me - Stay mad bro, this is tooooo funny
*no further response*
I just googled this guys name out of curiosity and found this thread. He has a twitter breakdown too that was glorious to read.

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Got a new one fam

So a little bit of background for y'all, I played this dude in a flash mirror initially before he wanted to switch to BA (SHOCKING) so I thought fuck it, I'll use my shitty day 1 Aquaspam because I need to use other characters. Dude goes on to body me repeatedly in a row and occasionally teabag, I get one win and the dude quits before I even get an option to do anything! So I decided to be a dick and I messaged him, this was the convo that followed:

Me: ;)

Orange-Vision(OV from here on out): zzzzzz

Me: Yeah the way you played that last match I figured you were asleep :) (yeah I still got bodied before that, I just wanted to bait him)

OV: Aquaman is a boring opponent 4 me

Me: He wasn't boring when you had a win streak on me m8

OV: I just started playing Adam he's brain dead ez was just screwin around Supes is my main

Me: Yeah Supes definitely requires brains! (Apologies all other superman mains)

OV: Both require a lot more than aquavirgin

Me: I mean, no they don't

OV: Ur boring me again ima block u (YO THE ARROGANCE DOE)

Me: Ok but can you say to tym real quick

I also send him a friend request with the attached message that simply said "daddy" but I assumed he never got it :(

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Also this guy I zoned out with red hood (he was using grodd got heavy tilted

shanidan89: Te Devi Mori adesso porco dio tuo
(Translation anyone?)
Me: I don't speak your language mate

S89: why u play in that fuckin way
S89: U can't do this
S89: Is not possible play in this way
S89: Stop please fuckin noob l2p

UPDATE: Ok so I ran it through google translate and it gave me this
"You have to die now I hate your god"

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Triple post for y'all (cue achievement unlocked haha)

Just picked up aquaman properly today and was playing him in player matches and fought a batman for a few games, I needed to go so I quit to the main menu and get a message from the guy that reads

cashuoutsyde: Yeah u better quit cause I was about to blitz that with aqua man

I don't think it was really rage so much as salty banter, but I thought it was funny nonetheless

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We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.
Wow. Mods is there anything u can do about this?

I only use PLAYINGtoW1N

That batman beats cap guy must be batshit crazy. He had over 20,000 disconnects in i1
he's already perma banned from the site if it's him. Not much else they can really do unfortunately
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