The injustice Hate Mail Thread (Foul language)

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by HGTV Soapboxfan, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. HGTV Soapboxfan

    HGTV Soapboxfan "Always a Pleasure"

    With a new game, comes a new round of scrubs, and with new scrubs comes lots and lots of hatemail. Post some of your best. I will start.
    After brutal beating from my Aquaman, some one sent me:

    "Suck my shit covered asshole you cheap nigger ass faggot fairy. I will sever my vas deferens and make you suck the seminal fluid from my torn sack. Fuck you eat shit and die cum dumpster."

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  2. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Holy fuck lol
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  3. "You fuck fucking shit stop fighting like a sissy wissy girl moving back and fight like men wtf is this bullshit motherfucker. join the army so u know how to fight instead of run like a bitch"
  4. Reptile Orion

    Reptile Orion A Fire Will Rise.

    Wow. I miss the old days in the arcades when a sore loser would just slam the cabinet and walk away shaking there head and mumble underneath there breath. The dark side of online
  5. LuciusAxelrod

    LuciusAxelrod Robot Ninja

    Jesus. At least he knows anatomy.
  6. Death

    Death Noob

    In his defense you do run like a little bitch lol :p
  7. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
    Premium Supporter

    I'm surprised I haven't gotten hate mail yet, I've won my matches by so many timeouts just running away with Raven.
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  8. Jeffreys

    Jeffreys Grundy think you handsome!

    I play Solomon Grundy, I get the opposite of hatemail. Everyone wants to see Grundy combos because they are hype as hell.
  9. SatsuiYesHadou

    SatsuiYesHadou Yung Kneecaps

    I've actually been regarded as the only good player because I don't spam? Maybe I should start spamming?
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  10. Komatose

    Komatose AKA Magik

    2nd Best yet: "Nice lag, you faggot. Nice Raven though. I couldn't finish anything." 1st Best so far: "You're a fag. All you use is Bane." Even though I don't main him and I was still owning the KOTH. After I sent him a simple GGs message in response, he then said: "Fuck you. But you are good at this game." Do people love to hate me, or do they hate to love me? I don't get it.
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  11. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    You got hatemail online.

    I is impressed
  12. Rabbit

    Rabbit thugs bunny

    I got a really strange one

    sub: it's ok babygirl...
    you need a friend? ill be that you can lick the D n everything
    its not your fault you cant earn one i get it ur like 9 its OK

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  13. SilverKeyMan

    SilverKeyMan Dropping Combos like a MotherFucker!

  14. Mulder

    Mulder King of Heroes
    Premium Supporter

    "How do you enjoy playing like that you fucking faggot"​
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  15. NapoleonComplex

    NapoleonComplex Worst Injustice Player

    I can't believe any of these without pictures.

    I haven't gotten hate mail (is that more insulting than getting hate mail?), but I've gotten some encouraging messages so it's all good.
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  16. HGTV Soapboxfan

    HGTV Soapboxfan "Always a Pleasure"

    Dude i couldn't make that up lol
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  17. Spletty

    Spletty Grandmaster

    I've got nothing but respectful messages.. I am disappoint. Hatemail is one of my favorite things lol
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  18. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    i'd say all that nasty stuff irl :D, just cuz no one else would....I'm Different!! yaaay!!!
  19. NapoleonComplex

    NapoleonComplex Worst Injustice Player

    Now that I think about it.. in all of my history of playing on XBL I have only gotten hatemail once or twice on any game (BF3 I think). And like Spletty said, all I've gotten are nice messages. Maybe I should start playing Deathstroke..
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  20. My thoughts exactly.
  21. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

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  22. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    ON 4/20/2013 AT 4:33 AM
    valleyomurder wrote: wrthless niggerLOL

    ON 4/20/2013 AT 4:36 AM
    JaYsLiK wrote: lol try suckin sum dick for a change u might find a good career in it im serious
    ON 4/20/2013 AT 4:39 AM
    JaYsLiK wrote: or u can (EDIT: LOL MOPPED BY THE FILTER!) watever works 4 u

    Jayslik is top 5 on XBL leaderboards and valley was top 20. lol
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  23. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
    Premium Supporter

    This is what I picture people doing after they send very foul rage mail/quit --

  24. Invincibeast

    Invincibeast Reborn Noob

    some kid on XBL called "Inkz iz Hype" sent me this after I BODIED his Grundy with Raven in a ranked match and made him quit.

    "yu fukin suk lol yur goin on youtube random"

    to which I replied "blame the deathstroke before you for the raping you just took. Learn to adapt"

    to which he replied "lol na yur worse yu call that skill ??? rofl yu suck look yur gamertag up on tube in 10 random"

    LOL...haters gon hate
  25. EGGXI

    EGGXI Scary Bat

    Worst thing I got was over chat, I picked Wonder Woman and in general it was just "Oh you're picking the dyke, god what a dyke, can't do anything, what level should I pick? Guess we might as well go for dyke land seeing as you're playing as super-dyke"

    Not really hatin' at me, more at Wonder Woman I guess. Guy was pretty funny after that.
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