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The "I Preordered!" Thread


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Finally preordered the regular edition. I am sold, everyone looks great and the mechanics seem more equalized for everyone which is huge to me. Also no run is life. It will be the first time I don't buy the Kombat Packs or a more expensive addition before release though.


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I'm still holding out for an improved roster, but with Sonya and Kano both confirmed I'm not feeling that great about it. Hopefully the Rain, Noob and Smoke rumours are true, at least.

Gimme Fujin. :(


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I finally got around to pre-ordering. I pre-ordered the Kollector's Edition but until I actually get my hands on it in April the only proof I have is the receipt which I am not gonna post on here lol


I pre-ordered it for PC today. Wanted to do it few days ago, but i got few other games on sale.
Wish me and all of the PC players luck, we are going to need it, lol.

I will be 100% honest, if they didn't reveal D'Vorah few days ago i probably wouldn't pre-order it, but i would get the game day one or few weeks after the release anyway. I am HYPE!