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The "I Preordered!" Thread


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I'll wait to see which figure they'll add. I just hope for Sub Zero figure. If not, forget CE for me. I'll just buy the Ultimate Edition.
Was the fix MKXL? Seriously.. I gave up on MKX a few weeks after it came out.
WBIE hired another developer either late spring or early summer of 2016 to take over for High Voltage Software. This developer was QLOC, and they cleaned up the port and added the XL content, complete with rollback netcode and Kombat Pack 2.

An online Beta was held in August 2016, which not only allowed them to refine the netcode for PC, but also showed the quality of the fixes that had been done.
Anyone in Canada have info for premium edition at best buy? I see the standard edition available only. US site has both...

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Look at my avatar (and history of comments) as to whether or not I pre-order (...for the first time).

You had me at "You suck!"... <3
It is even cheaper than 99$ in European ps store, at least for me in Russia it is about 90$ considering today's dol/rub exchange ratio


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It's a total fucking rip-off on the UK XB/PS stores; there's absolutely no way we should be expected to pay £50+. It's obscene.
I remember when games used to be £40!

Makes me sound old but I’m only 20! lol


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I remember when games used to be £40!

Makes me sound old but I’m only 20! lol
I'd never pay it normally - still not sure I will for MK11 (yes, yes, heresy I know). I also find it mental that people buy multiple copies across different platforms. Money to burn, I guess.

I'm used to paying Steam prices, so if I can I often get a new game for <£30, and often more like £20. However, I don't tend to play AAA titles (I'm more into strategy and a few more 'indie'-priced shooters, like KF2).

I bought my XB1 around the time MKX came out, and I was lucky that I got a £20 XBL store coupon with my console, so I put it towards MKX, meaning I was able to get it for about £30. That was a good buy. I doubt I'd have paid £50. I doubt I will now.


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I'll wait til the super, duper uber edition is confirmed and get everything because honestly their season pass is a great deal compared to other games.


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It didn't take me any time to drop the hundie on it. About a day or so after the preorders went live on psn.
Literally the only Dev team I'd drop the full bill on..I basically NEVER buy dlc for games for...well you know the game industry practices. I won't repeat them here.
NRS, I always feel like I get my money out of. That and The Witcher 3 expansions (which I waited for a goty on) :cool:.


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Hey question

For those who pre ordered on PS4
It usually says when available to play what time does it say to you?

Also where you from

I pre-ordered from EB Games in Canada, code a code for the beta but haven't put it in, has anyone tried putting it in yet? Are we supposed to wait for when the beta is available??
I'm just wondering if it will be worth it to preorder. On one hand I'm a longtime Mortal Kombat fan, and NRS has never disappointed so far. On the other hand the game is rather expensive in my country, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to wait a year for the Komplete Edition. What do you guys think?


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NRS was kind enough to take my money for MK11 + The Kombat Pack!

Now, I'm ready to spend even more, but they gotta seduce me with a wonderful KP2, including less (or no) guests and more 3D era characters. (Praying for Li Mei and/or Frost. Sareena won't sell it to me.)


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I'm waiting until we see gameplay of Cassie's playstyle. I know I'm just delaying the inevitable but I'd like to pre-order with confidence. And I'm not sure if I'll get the combat packs, I mean my main's in the starting roster so I don't see the need.


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The German Amazon still isn't offering the Premium Edition with the Kombat Pack 1. So far they are only offering the standard edition for 70 euros, which is way too expensive for the standard edition. Another shop offers the standard edition with Skarlets Kold War skin and the steelcase for 70 euros, which is a better deal, but still not something I would be willing to pay immediately.
I expect the Premium edition to cost 100 euros, which is also kinda insane to be honest.

But maybe I'm just being scroogey about it, because this entire year is filled with amazing games like MK 11, DMC 5, Doom Eternal and many others. I'll probably end up spending +500 euros on games this year. So I'll have to ease up on the Black Jack and hookers to save up enough money.