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It's all so very confusing.
I dunno what the ASMR stuff is precisely, but everyone has little triggers.. Things that relax or calm them. My understanding is its thought to be womb-related. Literally some base-seeded memories or preferences from our inception into conscious thought and processing.

Like, I cant speak for ASMR vids, talking softly, or crunching or anything, but like a lot of people, the sound of rain/running/fall water is calming to me and I sleep to the sound of rain, using my Ipad or phone.. but one thing I do - and I feel a little weird admitting this, but what the hell - that drives my GF (and others) crazy, is I will sleep in the bathroom. Well, take naps.. and not in the tub. I have a bad back and Im used to sleeping on the floor when its acting up or starting to, and its never bothered me to lay on the floor. Grew up sleeping mostly on the floor. So, sometimes I'll go in the bathroom with a candle because I dont want to overhead lights on if Im trying to nap, but with no light its pitch-ass black in there.. Light the candle, turn the shower on (we dont pay water bill here its part of rent, but other places Ive lived where I do.. well.. ugh) and lay down on the floor. Use a towel as a pillow and some blanket I brought with me, and I conk the fuck out for an hour or two. Its a small space that's intensely protected and private and the sound of the water from the shower is obviously really loud.

Now, all that said, if I have access to enough hot water, I just sleep in the tub. I turn the shower on and direct it away from my face, get it as hot as I can stand it, and just plop down in the tub and conk out. I prefer this to the method above, but I have to have effectively limitless hot water, so I dont get to do this much. My old apartment used a shared boiler system so I did have unlimited hot water. I miss that. I didnt pay water bill there either.

Anyway, just throwing this out as a point in the ASMR vid discussion. You never know what people like, and I gave up trying to make sense of it a long time ago, I cant make sense of my own preferences, let alone anyone elses lol.


It's all so very confusing.
Tilapia/Cod/most types of white fish.

Dinner for two.

2 large tilapia filets (room temp)
1 sweet onion
1 lemon
Italian parsley
*Dry grated parmesan cheese.
Olive oil - 'fruity' oils work well, but you can't go wrong with any high quality OO.
**Minced Garlic.
Butter - quality makes a difference.

*--You can easily use the same stuff youyd sprinkle on spaghetti if you want to keep costs super low, or just use what you have laying around.

**-- honestly pre-minced garlic is the best if you're lazy. But if you minced your own, I'd recommend about 3 cloves total for two pieces of tilapia. But if you like garlic, shoot for the moon. Do you homie.

Preheat oven to 350.

Take out aluminum foil and tear two sections about 18inches long and set aside.

Slice onion and lemon in approx 1/8th-ish inch slices - or whatever suits you. Two slices of lemon for each filet, onion is to taste, but I recommend approx. Three large rings per filet OR one entire slice (ie including all the gradually diminishing rings.).these will be removed from the finishes product before serving and are included for flavor and moisture. Set onions and lemons aside.

(For people who like onions) take approx one entire slice of onion per filet and coursely chop.

Finely chop parsley.

Now take each piece of foil and set it down on a flat surface. Set slices onions next to each other in the middle of each piece of foil. Now drizzle each with a small amount of olive oil. Add pinch of chopped parsley. Pinch of salt and pepper. Add light sprinkle (approx a tablespoon) of parmesan cheese. We are essentially making a little bed for the tilapia.

Once above is done, cover the 'bed' with each filet, positioning long-ways. Now salt and pepper to taste and add your garlic - approx a clove and a half per piece. I use a butter knife here to smear the minced garlic around and coat the fish more evenly. Add lemon slices. Sprinkle with more grated Parmesan, amount to taste, but call it a tablespoon and a half per filet. Now, if you're an onion lover, sprinkle your chopped onions on top. Drizzle entire thing with more olive oil and topp with a large amount of butter. Seriously, a quarter stick or more is ideal but less is fine depending on your taste and preference. The butter forms a kind of 'sauce' at the bottom of the foil though and the more you use the more sauce you have at the end - so even if it seems like thats too much and most will melt away, it's not wasted. Sprinkle whole thing with chopped parsley.

*Take foil and fold top and bottom (the long sides) up and over the tilapia so the hug the sides of the filet without pressing in on the fish. Fold top and bottom together. Now tuck edges in on the sides of the fish and fold the sides of the foil over, again hugging the fish but not pressing in on it. Press sides together fold it all together so as to make a little sealed bag of the foil. You want to make sure all edges are up and above the fluid level in the bag, otherwise moisture will leak out and not only smoke your.oven up, but dry your fish out and waste the sauce.

*If you don't know how to make these little packets, you can Google or YouTube it to see.it done. It's ultra simple but important to do right.

Now put packets directly on oven rack. If you are grilling you can cook them there as well, but monitor them closely. Close oven and bake approximately 18-20m. Iny experience of the filets are good and thick, 20m is fine. If they are thin however, try around 15m and begin checking on them.

Once done they will flake easily with a fork. To serve simply open packet and transfer fish carefully to a plate. I like to serve them on rice. Set aside onions underneath fish and pour sauce out over the fish and lemon slices. Makes a fantastic flavoring for the rice.

If you like onions feel free to eat them along with the fish. I do and it's amazing.


After you've done this once or so, the whole thing takes absolutely no time to prepare. Maybe 15m or so, and that's if you have to mince the garlic and such yourself. If it's already done then it's less than 10m usually to put everything together. Clean up is super easy since aside from the plates you eat on and such, all you should have dirtied making the fish itself is one knife and a cutting board + whatever for your side dishes.

If you're camping or grilling out or whatever you can easily just serve the fish in it's own little foil packet and people can eat out of that directly.

Approx cost:

2 tilapia filets - 3.50$ or less.
Lemon - 60c
Sweet onion - 75c
Garlic - 75c
Parsley - 85c (you'll have a ton left)
Parm cheese - hard to judge, but you use very little. So you may have to buy 4-5$ worth, you will use around 50c worth and have a ton left for other things.
Foil - 99c generic. 2.25$ name brand.

I don't include salt/pepper and olive oil since that are things most have laying around anyway.

Very cheap. Healthy as hell if you're.frugal with the butter and oil. Takes no time to prep and little time to cook and clean up is as simple as throwing away the foil.

If you really want to keep shit basic, but steam in the bag rice and veggie mix for about 2$ and microwave it. Still no clean-up and the fish sauce will season it really really well.

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Five guys burgers are pretty gr8. I think either in n out or steak shack have better burgers, but they're not located near me so five guys it is.
The sweet potato fries I have eaten in the US are garbo but crispy sweet potato fries are pretty good( the one my mom used to made was made using white sweet potatoes)


I want Kronika to step on my face
So here's a question:

Is there any food that beats steak in the taste-to-preparation effort ratio score?
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I knew grass fed beef was supposed to be more ethical and whatnot but nobody told me it tastes fucking amazing! I just made a burger with some and I was literally tearing up a bit eating it, the onions may have had something to do with it, but I like to think it was because that Cow was so god damn tasty.