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The EVO 2019 MK11 Hype, Salt and Discussion Thread!

It's that time of year.. It's that time of the day.. We're in there boyz, it's EVO 2019. Discuss the craziness of this weekend and everything that happens here!


P.S. for reference, here is dat bracket: EVO 2019 MK11 Smash.gg Brackets

And the stream:
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Welp, it's over for the day. Missing a whole lot of good players matches due to stream time definitely sucked.

Highlight for me... and it hurts to even say this, was the dirtbag kano player easily.

OH and the french player Chereez or something like that who hit a menu button and had to forfeit a round and still won. That would have rattled tf out of me. lol
That Kano Dirtbag wow. :D And ValhallaX27 played him fantastic.
Atleast from i see i expected most common character to be Jacqui Briggs, but every second match its Liu Kang. Most picked character so far in the tournament, and like 90% of them was winning.
Really easy to play character, his combo are safe and easy, just no room to drop the combo and he literally convert every single shot. So strong character.
Its a pitty ninjakilla is not in the tournament.
Hey where is NinjaKilla, he wasn’t being returned as a result on smash.gg! Someone please tell me the dude made it