The Ed Boon Twitter Watch Thread

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Scott The Scot, Jan 21, 2015.

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    That's pretty interesting way to put it considering it has been like half a year since we've had any reason to discuss anything here.

    Anyway, it says "No more events". I'm going back to my hibernation cave.
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  5. JDM

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    I would hope thats a tongue in cheek joke about how people don't think MK11 will be announced because there's "No events left"

    Here's hoping IPS Finals teases something...
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    No more events.....In November ;)
  7. John Grizzly

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    11 is the thing he's teasing in the photo, not "no more events". I don't know why you guys are focusing on that part. It's just to fuck with people waiting on MK11. There's three 11's on that watch face.
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    It has begun !!
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    I just think of this trailer but instead of "blocks" I substitute seeing the number 11 everywhere. Its the MK Effect.
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  12. DelSchokoladenSaft

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    Some news is good to hear. Leaks or no leak, it's good to hear something MK related from Mr. Eyebrows.
  13. HeavyNorse

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    Debunked. It was a line from the trailer of the original movie, which didn’t make it into the actual movie, from what I understand.
  14. ismael4790

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    I wouldn't rule out the possibility that this makes it into mk11 as a pre-fight interaction that references the movie.
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    That's the game that he's playing with us now.
    Group 2: Guys, this is a ruse and merely just a way to get us going on a hype train. Not actual MK news.
    Group 3: What if this is what he wants us to think, with hIm AcTuAlLy sAyInG WhAt'S iN ThE gAmE RiGhT nOw?
  16. Evil Canadian

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    Ed Boon works on levels that mere mortals cannot comprehend
  17. YoungTeezy 305

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    Could it be a hint at a change to the run mechanic?
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    I initially took it as a teaser joke. Like, that was a line in a trailer. But HeavyNorse already pointed out it was in the OG film script, will be interesting to see if he tweets out any other MK stuff this week
  19. And then there's the 4th group who just wait for the official reveal and go on with their lives.
  20. DelSchokoladenSaft

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    That's a given, my friend.
  21. Evil Canadian

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    Anyone who can just "go on with their lives" after the majesty of MK11 is announced is an enemy of mine, and an enemy of god.
  22. Yeah, those pepple's souls belong to Shang Tsung and they don't desrve to have one.
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  23. Did Ed say Shang Tsung?! :eek:
  24. Enemy of yours and enemy of god? Thats kinda redundant.
  25. Scott The Scot

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