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Swamp Thing: Helping Him Out Post IPS Finals

D. R.

Play deadly rebel (best swamp hands down) with any character and let me know if u think he needs buffs.

This community is pitiful. "NRS please fix my character. It has nothing to do with my skill bc I'm the greatest of all time. It's the characters fault"

Need to be VERY careful about buffing any characters. The game is still very young. You dudes want another i1 bane situation?

So sick of nerf buff threads. How about a thread asking for help. Maybe the people asking for buffs Actually need buffs themself... and not their character.
Do you always talk out of your ass? You need a serious come to Jesus moment my guy...

Please shut the **** up and lab the match up. You obviously have no ****ing clue what's going on with the character. Stupid mother ****ers like you should not be allowed to post nonsense whenever they get their **** pushed in due to lack of knowledge. And if you were playing as Deadshot in the match up and coming here like that after, oh MAAAAAANNNNNN you're trash. Easy 7-3, DS. Git gud please.

As for asking for buffs, most of us with common sense want quality of life buffs that he should actually have as a character. He has multiple issues that GOOD players can expose such as gaps and negative frames which leaves the risk reward ratio skewed heavily in the opponent's favor when ST tries to open up the opponent.

Another thing that a lot of the NRS community need to realize, NRS games are not fundamentally hard to break down at all. Anyone with basic critical thinking skills can deduce what is strong or not in this game quickly due to frames and move properties so enough with the "game is still young" ****. I had top five settled in week 0 before the game was even out to the public and I was right on the money as well as others with a functioning brain. Most character communities just need smarter players that are actually decent to figure out character potential quickly and optimally. Once characters are properly explored, you can then see who needs help and who doesn't. Game is incredibly simplistic. Stupid people over complicate it with their nonsensical theory fighting.

Now the fact of the matter; Swamp Thing is ass. Review his frame data and gaps and you'll understand why.

Once you've done that come back here to apologize for your hormonal outburst and never come in here with that stupid ass **** again.


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Actually, I would love for P2W to pick up swamp thing now to prove he's not talking out of his ass. Willing to take that up? @PLAYING TO WIN This ought to be good.


Can NRS have a top tier grappler that doesn't revolve around yolo armor and hard-to-clashable 500 damage 4 hit combos? An actually scary, top 10 character Swamp Thing would be so rad and exciting compared to the Deadshot, Bats, Supes, Aqua snoozefest everyone is accustomed to.

God forbid NRS make the technical characters as good as the braindead ones lol. I guess they're scared of MMH or Zod (to a lesser extent) all over again, but either way those characters were at least hype and technical.
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