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Sub-Zero Reveal Trailer for Injustice 2


Wow, that was fast. Time to loop it a thousand times!!

Seriously, it takes the best from MK9 Sub-Zero and MKX Cryo and GM and makes it look even cooler with an extra of teleports that we normally would only seen during cinematics. I'm going to spend so much time with Kuai Liang :D :D

EDIT: And I'm in love with his victory pose, really captures the MK spirit!


He looks so awesome! Nice mix of GM and Cryo! Double Ice Clones! And nice to see the Ice Puddle.

Makes me wonder which of those are gear moves since they always seem to put them in trailers...


Copy pasting from the general thread:

Ok, quick analisys of what we've seen:

- His model looks way more polished and you can clearly see his skin under the mask.

- J2 uses a sword.

- His 111 Cryo string is back.

- Apparently Frost Bomb from MKX now can be MB into his MKDA-MKD-MKA cold shoulder (which was also his MK9 X-Ray animation).

- Slide changing sides with MB is back.

- MB Iceball freezes, regular Iceball was parried and its effects weren't shown.

- Cryo F122 is back.

- Cryo's command grab is back (they don't show if you can 2in1 it but probably you can.

- B33D4 from MKX is back (hopefully now it's universal as in MKX it would only connect iceball on females).

- F42Throw from MKX is back.

- Ground freeze from MK9 is back (setups boys!)

- B3 is MK9 B2.

- Aerial klone diagonal projectile.

- Regular klone is back and it can still be thrown.

- Cryo's Air Hammer is back and can be meter burned into regular hammer launcher (how many times did I ask for MKX Air hammer to be useful?!?! I'm in tears!!).

- F3 is his hammer (I said I would riot if it wasn't, thankfully it did happen lol).

- His D2 is Cryo's D2 but looks much faster.

- MKX 213 string is back.

- Klone slide projectile (I suspect his klone projectiles will be gear moves).

- His throw animation is AWESOME and uses the character's ability to teleport, something I've been hoping to see for a long time even if the teleport perse isn't used outside animations.

- Klone can be meter burned into air klone for 2 klones.

- J3 is his J3 from MKX.

- 112 string from MKX is back.

- F33 is back too.

- New string starting with 2 kicks?

- Supermove is low and ranged and reaaaaaally swaggy (again using his ability to teleport and his kori weapons).

- Victory pose really captures the spirit of MK!
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