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    vs cage it can result in his F3 becoming a B3 launching you into a combo so i normally try not to, raiden is such a wacky MU that i try and do some random shit to try and get the life lead.

    and ya, D3 is great . As long as its not - on hit like Ermac or Scorpion you can throw it in between pressure gaps for a free followup
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    LETHAL LEGEND wow man if my stryker was as half as good as yours I would definitely take him to tournaments:) Nice use of 1,2 I must say and definitely like your footsie game. One thing tho, after 2,3 why dont you do gun cancel go gain advantage over your opp? It feels like you both are at 0 when you dont do gun cancel after it. Also 2,3 xx EN gunshot combos so that's something you can play with. I understand your use of gun cancel up close:) I tried to do it too but I often eat low pokes, but that's usually when I become predictable. Very nice matches man hope you post some more:)
  3. I think this is the first time I see your Stryker. Impressive gun cancels. :) You dropped your combos a few times but you still played pretty good.

    I liked the matches vs Cyblax but you weren't zoning careful enough. I always could predict when you were going to trade with net. I kept saying to myself: "no don't shoot don't shoot!" then you got caught. :p Sometimes you have to smell that net coming and jump over it or just be patient and block it then continue zoning etc.

    That Noob Saibot wasn't very high level though. He kept doing uppercut for anti-air when Noob can get like 20-24% AA combos.. And he did a random x-ray at some point lol.
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    Haha yeah, I played on PAD and I just dont play the same...I usually use stick so I dropped a lot of my combos and I didn't hold in my cancels correctly at times. I will improve. Thanks!

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    PoliceBrutality 23 by itself benefits from its natural delay, i have messed with 23 G/C but it doesn't seem to create the same kind of mind games, oh and thanks :)
  6. Match from last night:

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    Shoutout for pulling Vulcan's Baton sweep OS at 2:55:14 :eek: hmm one question tho, why do you keep on doing high grenades so much?

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    thats for the kenshi mu only, im trying to make him wiff a reflect
  10. Just had a ton of great games with LETHAL LEGEND. I could only record some Baraka, Jax and a few Sonya matches though. I'll upload them later.. For some reason Sonya felt harder than Baraka and Jax but I think that's because I was being too aggressive.

    LETHAL LEGEND: I gotta say I'm impressed you can play so many characters. :p I don't know how you do it.

    tbh When you picked Jade I was starting to be tired and hungry lol. I can't play good when I'm tired like that. I was doing alright vs Jade but then vs Kenshi, Shang, Noob and Ermac I really played like crap haha. Out of all those I think Kenshi is the hardest but I also lack MU experience vs good Kenshi players..

    btw Your Ermac is so weird lol. Like, you were playing so unsafe it was unpredictable. Even though you murdered me I still think the MU is in Stryker's advantage. I just wasn't playing seriously anymore at that point.

    We should definitely play more often. It was good practice. :)
  11. LEGEND

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    Vulcan Hades

    thanks man, those matches definitely showed me that Stryker's pressure is legit. I always thought that i was getting away with murder, like i knew what was coming and still couldn't do shit about it.

    and ya, i tend to get bored when i play one character for too long so over the course of these 10 months i have had this game i've pick up quite a few characters lol

    about Ermac, thats Krayzie's Style, i learned My Ermac from playing him. Jade too although i did fail alot of her stuff while we were playing. Great Games tonight, must play again some time
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  12. Here are some of the Baraka and Jax matches I had with LETHAL LEGEND:

    I couldn't record the entire set but all of our games were so close it was ridiculous lol. LETHAL LEGEND basically wanted to test a few matchups to see how close to 5-5 they were. Baraka definitely seems harder to zone than Johnny Cage. Sonya and Jax are both tougher than Baraka imo but still close to if not 5-5.

    EDIT: Man after watching those matches again I realize I really need to work on a lot of things.

    -I kept dropping my D4 xx Roll Toss (I do it too fast I think so a Baton Sweep comes out instead of D4).

    -I am not anti-airing enough (I often backdash into gun shot even though it's obvious that a jump in punch would beat my gun).

    -And I'm not doing enough B3 / B1,2 / 2,3 mixups. Those are the main things I need to work on I think.
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  13. Good Matches Vulcan / Lethal... nice secondaries man =D. Got to love that Baraka corner combo.

    I see some of the matches Lethal... one word, amazing. Insane D3... =O. Poor kenshi.

    A guy named Vulcan Hades... 37 % damage... this is a lie... Vulcan is always stuck at 25%. you´re not Vulcan... impostor!!! lol

    As always, awesome matches man. I just think you´re trhowing some unnescessary EN Roll Toss, if it was just a normal one ok... just being EN I think is unnescessary. AND... i think you´ll love this... Buff reset (3) with the EN Baton Sweep, works like magic.
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    i've been working on some pressure strings that are kinda hard to explain, Vulcan Hades, can you record it next time we play?
  15. Thanks for the feedback Marcus. Yeah looking back I see what you mean. EX Roll should mostly be used as parry to get out of frame traps and vs low projectiles. There's really no reason to use it outside of that except maybe to juggle after AA gun shot.. I'll try to keep that in mind next time.

    Sure I'll try to record as many matches as possible. :) Problem is I can only record like 15 minutes then I need to empty my card. And after 30 minutes I usually need to recharge for like 1-2 hours... :/

    I thought I had recorded at least 2-3 matches of the Sonya set but I only have 1 and a half lol. And in the match I recorded we were both playing very poorly I feel. Dropping combos all day lol it was a little sad to watch. :p

    Forgot to post this match between me and THTB:

    Shoutout to NRS for giving Stryker's X-ray such a crappy hitbox.

    And a random Jax:

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    I'm finally posting my Season's Beatings matches from a month ago lol.

    I played some Jade at the tournament too, but anyway my first match was against Osirun, a Baraka and Nightwolf player, great set that starts at 48:25.

    My last matches with Stryker were against FrothyOmen, fun matches and a very challenging set, I've learned so much from this match up. Our set starts at 3:44:54. Great Smoke player, who I will hopefully be playing more offline if I can make it to a Console Combat event.

    I'll hopefully have some more videos coming soon guys:).
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    Espio That X-ray read parrying EX blade charge was awesome!

    For those who haven't seen it, I bust out Stryker on some Japanese players.

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    Thanks man, i felt so good landing that x-ray, I was so surprised i made that read.

    Oh yeah and I loved these and the commentary lol. I loved that clutch victory, literally down to the last pixel of life, those are the most memorable matches:).
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    Wow Espio, really loved that final round match winner in your Osirun match. And feel free to blow me up on anything below.

    Anti-Air with standing 4, uppercut is best saved for cross ups.
    More G/C's to bait that Baraka charge (props on quickly adapting with the standing 4 punishes)
    After you get the exBaton Sweeps, I barely see you go for a d3 to stand them up and shut down their wake up. (like twice in the Frothy match)

    Good pressure strings though, keeps them on their toes. Have you redefined which strings to use after the Frame data came out?
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    Thank you for your input and taking a look at my matches:). I'm used to playing online and most of the time people jump my standing 4, so I don't throw it out as much, you gotta back up and get in range which I didn't feel I had enough time to do in those matches.

    I've seen and done standing 4 into roll toss before or ex gun shot, but I didn't want to take any chances.

    Should have done more gun cancels, I get hesitant because I definitely hadn't mastered the gun cancel, stance change, block fully, it's a work in progress, though if I'm fighting most of the cast, I gun cancel much more.

    I don't always do the down 3 to stand them up because I don't like my opponent to get too comfortable with my tactics, I feel like if my opponent gets too comfortable and expectant of my approach. After the down 3 your opponent can move at the same time you can, it doesn't appear you're really at advantage, I've see people do a fast normal to stuff my approach or an ex move(one that had no armor to check my follow up).

    It's a work in progress, I just got back to playing MK, yesterday after a hiatus.

    Back 1,2,2 is -2 on block

    Back 2, forward 2 is 0

    Back 3, 2 is -3.

    1,1 is 0.

    1,2 is 0.

    All of Stryker's big damaging combos and most of his fairly quick normals like standing 1 are safe on block, which I like a lot.

    Other okay string is back 2, 1, safe on block with the pushback, not a super great string, but it's one of his decent options.

    I'll be using more standing 2 to check crouching players and it combos into all of his specials plus it's -2 on block, really like how safe his best strings are that yield the most damage.

    Only ones I'd really stay away from is 2,3,2 and back 2, back 4.

    1,1,4 can have the 4 substituted for gunshot to leave him at -1 and it does the same damage as 1,14, but leaves them standing so you can mix them up with a throw ,block string, or mix up.
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    I don't think I've posted this one yet
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    I was going to repost the match of myself and BDMao88 but he took it down?
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    yeah it seems like he took all MK9 related content down
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