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Discussion in 'Stryker' started by Neo Casshern, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    here is the MLG Pro Controller that I was referring to just in case you didnt know
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  2. Damn that looks sweet. :eek:
  3. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    yoooooooooooo I was able to stuff reptile's dash with standing 3. The kick was fully out and he ran into it...obviously it's not practical and im also wondering if the end of dash animation was right where the full standing 3 was. Then again it's online..anything could happen LOL. Just wanted to put it out there
  4. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    One thing for sure, this is more beneficial to xbox players since the controller has the same layout. I think the cross is way too high lol and i wouldnt bother putting it where the left analog stick is
  5. Mikemetroid

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    The thing with D-pads that I hate is that if I hit up, I shouldn't be able to hit left or right just by tilting on the left side of up.
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  6. I´m connecting again... but somedays the conection fail... BTW, i see the last videos guys, I miss this. Still i have some coming, with the NJP works.

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    lmao, i think i have the same pad.

    i was playing the other day and thought to myself "hey my controller sounds like the button clicks from Vulcan's vid" now i know we are both using madcatz pads. . .

    EDIT: i got mine for $25 at target, does it have a weird soft feel to it and have the Back and start buttons lined horizontally at the top of the controllers face?
  8. After a long time, Here it is. NJP on the spotlight.

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  9. Great use of neutral jump punch indeed. :) I recently started doing that vs Reptile when you talked about it on the other thread and it really works! It's still risky if you do it too much but it's better than just blocking and trying to punish with D1.

    LOL yeah that's the one! I'm sure of it. :D

    Man it's such a CRAPPY PAD. It hasn't been a month since I bought it and the buttons are already starting to get jammed rofl. Like when I'm doing a combo I press 1,2 and then the 1 gets stuck in for like half a second and that screws up my Gun shot / gun cancel follow up. :/ And when the button eventually pops up again it makes such a loud noise lmao. It's hilarious.
  10. LEGEND

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    shit, i haven't had that happen yet

    the D-pad itself is miles ahead of the 360 pad i've been using so i can't complain. Plus i had a gift card to target so mine was basically free
  11. Rampage254

    Rampage254 Ayy Lmao
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    Here are some matches I had the other day. Ignore the random Rain match lol, but I basically lose every match with Stryker except 2. You 'll also see me do random uppercuts against Mileena, cause I was trying to catch her doing the tele, but as you will see, I failed lol. Hope you guys enjoy :)

  12. OS present in some. working with Jade lately...

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  13. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    Nice video Marcus Vinicius. Very enjoyable I must say. I will edit this post once I'm watching all of them
  14. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    I had a set with aj1701. I had a blast playing his Kitana and I must say I learned a lot. Let me know what I can work on better in this match

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  15. Marcus Vinicius: You seem to have pretty good reaction. Nice matches overall, you played good. Just a little too aggressive at times. Rain is a terminator in the right hands and you can't afford to be close to him. Like never lol. He struggles against zoners because all he has basically is an unsafe tele that can be juggled. Even his EX tele on block is punishable with Uppercut or 4 xx Roll Toss on block. Online it's harder of course. But good job on avoiding his teles with gun xx jump away.

    I learned a few things from watching those matches. Like I didn't know NJP was a good counter vs Rain's kick string and tele. :) Does NJP beat Rain's EX tele too?

    PoliceBrutality: I haven't watched a lot yet but first thing that comes to mind is you do too much random Rolls. I mean, Roll Toss is a great tool in this matchup but at some point if you get predictable they're just going to full combo punish with NJP.

    Another thing is you use Gun cancel into jump in punch too much. You even did it numerous times when Kitana was on the ground lol. I don't see why you would ever do that on Kitana. She has EX fan lift, flying butt, good anti-air, D1/D3 that will just make your jump in whiff.. If you gun xx jump and she throws an instant air fan or air-to-airs you you're pretty much dead. Gun xx JIP is good but on rushdown characters and characters with ground control. And it's only really good/effective if you actually condition them with gun shots and other types of gun cancels prior to jumping in. But here you were too predictable because you always did the same thing (cancel gun into jump in or cancel gun into random roll). Plus Kitana has dominating air control so it's suicide to jump on her.

    3:17 - You score a gun shot then you immediately go into block? lol I don't get it.. what were you afraid of? You have zoning advantage dude. You seem to have frozen there for a long time. You blocked 2 standing fans in a row when you could've easily reacted with Roll Toss to the second one. Blocking is super bad in this game. If you can you should always try to avoid pressure and projectiles with movement and normals rather than just blocking (D3, D4, Sweep, Backwalk, dash, backdash, back jump, roll toss etc). There was really no reason to block there. She only had 1 meter but then when you decided to commit to block the round was already over because you were basically giving her a free breaker and free X-ray.

    4:39 - Again, you get a grenade into Gun Shot but then for some reason you decide to dash up and random roll.

    You dash/back dash block too much. Don't be scared to just walk and naked crouch, much smarter than backdashing into block. You can also use dash xx D1 or dash xx D3.

    In this match something that's likely to happen from time to time is you hit Kitana out of the air from far range with Gun Shot. So you always need to be ready to combo into Roll Toss or EX Roll for a nice 22%. Or catch her butt attempts with EX gun > Roll if you're properly spaced. I saw you do Gun Shot AA > dash xx D4 xx Roll one time. That was good but you missed plenty of opportunities to Gun Shot AA > Roll Toss/EX Roll from far away.

    7:18 - Man you gotta stop doing that lol. 4 xx Roll after a gun shot is not that good especially when you know any decent player will just block the follow up. There's really no reason why they would jump or not block after taking a point blank gun to the face. Roll Toss might be safe but it leaves you in negative frames which is bad unless you have meter to make them scared of EX parry. So all 4 xx Roll is going to do is reverse the pressure on you. After a Gun Shot on hit a better follow up would be dash xx standing 1 or standing 2 mixup or B3 xx Baton. Or even D3/throw mixup or D4 xx Gun shens are better.

    Stopped watching around 15:00. Will continue watching your matches later. :) gtg
  16. Dude, you´re right about not trying to be so agressive on him... That Armor Kick... ¬¬

    lol, i did some random NJP, i´m stoping the excess... but actually, NJP works well in most non-hit tele... Rain (no, don´t work with EX =S), Raiden, Kung lao... and man... i have to Thank you for the OS. Still, most people just jump making 4 + Roll Toss the better option.

    PoliceB: Watching....
  17. What Vulcan said... and... stop blocking so much... you seem lost sometimes... even when the ground is asking "roll on me, cop". lol.
    Very fun matches, although. (love the B3 + trhow).
  18. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    Vulcan Hades
    man after watching the vid again I also noticed the excess roll toss. To be honest, that's because I didnt get punish for them, and thus develop a bad habit during this session. aj1701 is fairly new to this matchup and I dont think he knows how punishable and at disadvantage (-3) that I am after a block roll toss. I did mention it to him tho that neutral jump punch beats it if he can bait it. Thanks for the reminder about not using roll that way.

    As far as gun cancel into jump goes, now that im thinking about it, iAFs would have eaten me alive for sure and the standing 4 into fan that Crazy Dominican be doing would have gotten me every time as well. I actually learned something during that match, I had no idea Kitana's hurtbox was that low. I whiffed a LOT of jumping punch. I do gun xx JP because the minute gun is out it literally freezes the opp. That's kinda my way to guarantee a somewhat safe jp, but you are right, EN flying butt or EN fan lift would have gotten me...heck char with good AA while crouching would have eaten me alive as well. This is one of the best piece of advice to help me shape my stryker. I will definitely revise that approach in the future.

    3:17 LMBO!!! yoooo my daughter was in the way (when I really want to say bothering me, but what kind of father would I be :p). You can disregard that section lol, I just hold block so I could take care of her. I'm mad you guys didnt pass that and give me credit that I wouldnt be doing such a thing after landing a gunshot. C'mon block for this long and not do another random roll :p , you know something had to be up :D. As you can see I try to do a lot of D3 or D4 to avoid blocking the fans.

    4:39 - Yeah that was really bad. Not sure why I did that either. I know I tried not to zone too much and tried to get in from time to time, but that wasnt the ideal moment. That's my biggest problem, like Marcus Vinicius said, I seem lost. It's like im not thinking of my next situation when an advantage or opportunity comes along. It's like im stuck on autopilot for my bad habit or scrub mode at time. Im freaking playing like a chicken with no head:mad: . So yeah I'll revise that as well and try to play more lucid next time.

    When it comes to AA gun shot from far away, I'm just too scared to do roll toss to catch the opp because of how unsafe it is on whiff. That's something im going to hit the lab for. I need to get rid of that fear ASAP. I'll keep that in mind as well.

    7:18 That's another example of my bad habits. I know I like to do standing 4 mostly because it will beat the low poke if the opponent tries to do so. If I follow up with standing 4 gun xx or baton sweep, I usually eat the low poke, so I tried to do roll toss hoping it will catch the counter poke instead. But you are right, I gotta to stop doing it because I also noticed that I hardly get any success with it... and it's not even that great in terms of cheap damage. I think I will go mostly for D1 after gunshot on hit or D3/throw mixup or D4 xx Gun shens. in my experience, B3 is mostly effective after EN gunshot. Opp sometimes jumps over me, but it's still good if block high.

    One thing im happy about though is the fact that I dont mindlessly seat back and spam gunshots. I actually tried to stay at jumping distance or a little further back to anticipate fans or iAFs. that is why I was doing a lot of gun xx into forward dash or back dash to stay in that range. I didnt get to do it all the time but that's one thing I kept in mind during some of the matches. Another thing I didnt like is the fact that I tried to low poke kitana's launcher move from far away (the 2,1 I believe). I got hit every single time and yet I was still doing it.

    I definitely appreciate the feedback and im definitely going to work on it. Hopefully the next session I post (if someone actually records it lol), I'll show a much improved stryker :)
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  19. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    Rain has always been a weird char to me. You cant really zone him when he has meter due to the EN tele, nor can you pressure him because of the EN RH cancel. One thing that stood out to me as bad, is your jumping punch at 1:38 in the last video. I know I am also guilty but that's one thing you should always avoid doing. the opp actually dash forward to actually make you jumping connect to counter it...otherwise it would have been an empty jump. I think you played this match well and dont have much to say other than what Vulcan Hades said, just dont rush him too much.
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  20. aj1701

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    Haha, ya I figured there was a good way to punish a blocked roll, but I wasn't sure what would work well. Definately have to keep that in mind, some random Strykers blow me up just from rolling a lot and I stupidly fall for it, lol. Also, LMAO at your daughter getting in the way. I don't know where it happened, but during out set one of my cats decided to strurt along in front of the TV. Damn kids, lol.
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  21. LEGEND

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  22. Nice matches man. :) Great use of D1 and D3.

    Something I noticed is that point blank you often try to go for standing 4 xx Gun Shot or gun cancel but everytime you tried that you paid for it. I don't like using 4 too close from my opponent, I prefer to hit them with the tip (max range of 4) so I'm less likely to be punished.

    I know Raiden can be frustrating lol. We can't finish some strings, we can't pressure, we can't zone. It always feels so goofy. Especially online. Everytime they see us take our gun out they almost always teleport behind. But we can take advantage of that.
  23. LEGEND

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    thanks man,

    most of the time i can cancel 4 G/C fast enough to punish a poke attempt but i couldn't seem to do it that night, of course if they have a move loaded and ready its going to hit me as soon as the gun is set so nothing i can do about that other than go for a poke instead of linking the gun. 4 and 3 are - on block though without it

    one thing i was toying with was 23 against dash-ins it worked twice when i tried it so i think it might be a nice little random thing to throw out there if you know your opponent isn't going to jump
  24. I see the first only, for now... but your 4 G/C... isn´t bad, i just think that can be better jumping IN than jumping OUT.
    Never think Stryker´s d3 could be so good.
  25. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
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