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Sonic/GO1 FT10 Confirmed for Final Round


Fear the blade of Osh-Tekk
Do you play on pad or stick/hitbox? Tekken, while fun, is tough to play on pad. And bear in mind that combos don't necessarily work like they do in other fighters, I have to play Akuma for this reason (plays more like a SFV character). BUT you and I are different people, you might pick it up better than me. And Noctis is coming out soon+Tekken Bowling hype. And it's worth remembering Soul Calibur VI is coming later this year if you wanted a 3D fighter

DBZF I think has better single player options and is easier to pick up. If you haven't played an anime game before, this would be a great first step into that genre
I play tekken with pad and I play mishimas. I do not find it Hard at all


Fear the blade of Osh-Tekk
AY! I play Tekken on pad too with my Hori Fighting Commander controller cuz i love that 6 button layout :)

But i must agree with errrbody saying that Sonic needs to switch his Goku Black. He was becoming predictable with his move set. 16 was clearly the MVP of that team.
ps4 pad for me


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Yeah, like I said, it might just be a me thing. Sidestepping is inconsistent for me on pad, but I might just not have gotten the rhythm down
I usually tap the SS notations twice to force it. Tapping it once makes it smooth. Fightstick here.

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