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Sonic/GO1 FT10 Confirmed for Final Round


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This is a match I wanna see. I hope to get the time to see it, while I'm at Athens with @Nivek.

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I'm not too familiar with Japanese players outside of the SFV crew, any good matches to watch from GO1? I just know he plays anime fighters and is top in either Melty Blood or Uniel
Go1 play SFV too. He played Chun Li and now Menat. Made it to CC twice.
It's possible, do Japanese players do that? I know Americans will throw a new, random pick at an opponent to fuck with their head, but is that a thing Japanese players expect?
japanese players usually don't do that.
we all know that sonic can learn chars and play them on highest level pretty quick, that could be a problem for go1 since he is for sure super good prepared for sonics usual team, lol