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SnK HappyPow wins AFK XL 2016


On November 5th, approximately 50 European challengers gathered in Rotterdam to fight for the title of AFK XL 2016 champion. It was a day filled with hype, upsets, some crucial drops, and a whole lot of comradery. In the end it was SnK HappyPow from France who claimed the title with his extremely entertaining reptile, after beating EXiLE Crathen's Grandmaster Sub-Zero in a hardfought grand finals.

I would like to thank all the players who showed up to support our scene and the hundreds of viewers in the Twitch chat. GGs to all, and I personally hope to see everyone again at the next big European event.

Top 16:
1) SnK Happypow (France) // Nimble Reptile / Ancestral Kung Jin
2) EXiLE Crathen (Italy) // Grandmaster Sub-Zero
3) IrishMantis (Ireland) // A-List Johnny Cage / Stunt Double Johnny Cage
4) EXiLE RZA (France) // Crystalline Tremor / Aftershock Tremor
5) MBA Ermok (United Kingdom) // Mystic Ermac
5) AT Nindo (Netherlands) // Sorcerer Quan Chi / Cyrax Triborg
7) AT Lucky (Netherlands) // Grandmaster Sub-Zero / Smoke Triborg
7) EXiLE Taco (Netherlands) // Unbreakable Sub-Zero / Grandmaster Sub-Zero
9) EXiLE Shura30 (Italy) // Hollywood Cassie Cage / Brawler Cassie Cage
9) The-Bizzle (Netherlands) // Full Auto Jacqui Briggs / Sektor Triborg
9) YUZU Masta (France) // Shaolin Kung Jin / Ninjutsu Scorpion
9) Loundsandman (Italy) // Dragon Fire Liu Kang
13) YUZU S-007 (Netherlands) // Assassin Kitana / Boneshaper Shinnok
13) EXiLE N0rv1s (Lithuania) // Royal Storm Kitana / Assasin Kitana
13) YUZU FlashNo47 (France) // Shirai Ryu Takeda
13) YUZU Ganondeurf (France) // Thunder God Raiden

Full event archive: https://www.twitch.tv/afk_rotterdam/v/99158747

Youtube video's will be uploaded after they have been edited.

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Id like to thank each and everyone for organazing this great event. I must say this was the best MKX event I have ever been to.
It was a great event and big congratulations to HappyPow for taking it convincingly with his amazing Reptile.
It was a great pleasure meeting you all again and meeting new great People.


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Taco already did it but i'm gonna repeat; Thanks everyone for attending AFKXL! Hope you guys had a blast like me. Also thanks to everyone in the MK community for watching the stream. It's amazing to see how much interest we've gathered (even after last years' Red Fight District) with our small community in the Netherlands. It couldn't have been done without the help of all our friendly neighbour countries, the Belgians, Frenchies, Germans, Britains, Austrians, Italians, Irish(!), etc. You guys are the best!
Also shoutouts to the AFK team and organizers, Virgil aka Swagmeister2000, Rochdi aka Demi Hollow, @rubmytaco and @The Doctor. We started 2 hours too late but we caught up in speed thanks to the US double elim format and enough setups available (thnx Zowie / BenQ / Monster and all that).
Shoutouts to @The-Bizzle and @RyuKazuya (and guest appearances of @YUZU_RZA and Dio) holding it down on the commentary. They did their best to make AFKXL enjoyable to watch and it definitely was!

Congrats @HappyPow for taking the tournament after a really hype Grand Finals! That moment where everyone gathered and got close to the stage to watch who's going to take it.... fucking loved it.

Hope to see you all next time!


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While I wasn't ready to compete again yet, this was a super hype tournament. Congrats to everyone who made top 8 and of course HappyPow for taking it, amazing reptile!

Shame @IrishMantis and I didn't get the chance to commentate together though :( (jk it was for the better lol)


Was awesome as hell, I've been glad to see people there. Maybe too much shy and stressed but I'm not use to all of that yet.
MAMA! This guy RyuKazuya was just so hype, glad to have someone like that as a commentator. Come on meen!!
That was Oh Oui Oui Oh Oui Oui!!!
(Bizzle is def a monsta, I was shitting on my self. Best Master of Storm by the way! Looooool)
Thanks everyone for tuning in and/or competing!! This is what i want a strong community with dedication to travel and just have a great time!! I'm sure i will see you guys another time in the near future, thanks again for making this a succes you guys are SUPERB! YUZU-S007 Signing out ;)
SnK Happypow fantastic Reptile, IrishMantis fantastic Johnny, EXiLE RZA fantastic Tremor, AT Nindo comback hype dude!! Awesome tournament, one of the best in MKX life. All players, all games were great, and the commentary was out of this world!! Next time I'M COMIN!!

Congratulations to all participants!!
Thanks for AFK Rotterdam for this tournament. It's thanks to those kind of events that I have fun to play fighting games!
Congrats to @HappyPow for 1st place
Epic commentary from @RyuKazuya and @The-Bizzle
Everytime I heard Bizzle speaking, I feel like it's worth to be quoted
"And if anyone turns on another controller, I'm gonna destroy that event"
"Nothing hurts more than Bo Rai Cho's fart"
Haha :D

It was great to finally put some faces on some names, seeing again others, seeing new faces and discovering that others changed their game tag @EXiLE Zeus xD