1. HappyPow

    Flash Restands/Resets

    These are the combos I do the most of the time. I have tons more but there is so many ways to get restands through 32 and resets thanks to either DD2F2--D1 Ex pound or whatever or even through EX Pound by itself. Enjoy the few example and tell me what you think about it! New combo video under...
  2. HappyPow

    Green Arrow Combo Video (without gears)

    Yo I've been labbing a bit our mate the green archer, I like my combos... Except the corner ones to be honest ( he is not what he used to be if you compare him to the 1st when it comes about the corner), tell us your techs! Share your best combos (hoping you've got better especially in the...
  3. rubmytaco

    SnK HappyPow wins AFK XL 2016

    On November 5th, approximately 50 European challengers gathered in Rotterdam to fight for the title of AFK XL 2016 champion. It was a day filled with hype, upsets, some crucial drops, and a whole lot of comradery. In the end it was SnK HappyPow from France who claimed the title with his...
  4. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Reptile Reptile : Nimble Combos/Setups/Corner Carry

    Here are some Nimble Reptile combos and setups by the always impressive HappyPow. Please read his message and watch his videos below. Yo I've been doing a new video lately, here it is. It shows pretty much what you can do under Slow Motion, indeed you have several opportunities and I must...
  5. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Nimble New BnBs Up to 60%

    Here are the new bnbs of Reptile, the regular combos Under slow motion. take a look and enjoy!