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It takes time to make videos

What you're seeing is like 15 minutes of lab work than an hour making a video and uploading
yeah, but you need to learn to play him before you can just put out tech lol. like, no one has even played a match with him for real lol
I think it looks cool.

one question though: Can't they techroll as they fall to wakeup faster?
bf2 is a hard knockdown so no, they can't techroll and you're free to mix em up

One of the best things about Jason IMO is the ability to establish a life lead if you end your combos right or have an xray


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I just posted the same type of thing in the general thread, didn't see this. I'll move my video over here.

Same idea really, but in my example the combo is a safe transition into DD4 as opposed to just doing it raw.

Holy shit dude, thanks! This definetely goes to my favourites. Tho im not sure how wast Im gonna get Jason (unlucky PC guy :()
I just posted the same type of thing in the general thread, didn't see this. I'll move my video over here.

Same idea really, but in my example the combo is a safe transition into DD4 as opposed to just doing it raw.

Cool! You can also get a DD4 off a BF3 (off a read or mid combo) or a F2 (when you have your opponent thinking they have to low block F4) then do the bf2 ex ender combo.


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Don't use dd4 unless to end a round in my opinion. It's too risky at some points. Yolo sometimes works tho :D

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ending a combo in 2,4~DD4 gives enough time to activate armor safely, but the real problem is using the next 8 seconds correctly.

If they evade you, you're fucked. If they block you correctly, you're fucked. If you combo and it doesnt end before debuff, you're fucked. There's so much risk involved with turning Killing Machine on, and for what??? A combo you would have probably landed without the armor anyway? Who in their right mind is going to attack after KM is activated?

The opponent will block all of your incoming strings, or jump over your head and backdash. If you happen to hit them out the air, you might get a 15% combo in before debuff?!?!?

Even using it to end a round could be the biggest mistake of your life. Imagine you have 100 health and I'm Kung Jin with 20% life. You activate and come in and you cant combo me. Now I hit you for 40% and restand you with a bar, and then you guess wrong and I combo you again for 44%. Now I have the life lead because that crap was activated and you failed to convert.
This is my same reason why I don't even bother using that really either. Its not hard to block Jason at all and a good player will make sure take advantage of that free punish into a full combo once you fall asleep. That's why I found combos that didn't have Killing Machine activated for some good meterless damage first. If you master to go off and understand your neutral first, everything else once meter or maybe, the activation of Killing Machine, is used is just going to be easier. Jason has good normals but isn't the fastest or hardest character to block. Just don't block wrong and get opened up for some potential serious damage. His carry game is pretty good too so watch out for that when playing against him or try to incorporate that into your playstyle to try and bully their wake ups in the corner, if they have no meter, that is.


Talking about setups and enders in Slasher,this are my 3 options:
-THE DAMAGE: DF1 ender, but it gives you a mid distance, not good for toss zoning and not good for 50/50 setups and also bad if you think in activate armor
-THE ZONING/THE ARMOR SETUP: If you are against someone with bad zoning/antizoning options or you want to activate armor safe from wake-ups,its better to keep him at max. distance possible from you.Do the BF3 ender or even the DB2 ender(it´s my favorite couse its 1% extra damage and easy to do)In this case the final string wouldn´t be the 111 cause it would be whiff.
-THE 50/50: If you want to rushdown heavy you need this. Your combo will do less damage but you will be at the right position to choose from a meaty F42-...(low) or F2(overhead). For this you need to use this 2 enders: 112 or BF2 . The 112 its easier but your opp . keeps just a little far from a meaty F42, need to walk before, but F2 connects. For the BF2 ender you need to do 11 or 12(NOT 111) before and at middle height because if not, some of the hits will whiff. If do this ender correcly you have a hard knokdown and your opp. in front of you.
My BnB for the 50/50 setup afterwards is JiP-F42-F42-11-BF2 31% .You cant do NJP between F42 cause last hit of BF2 will whiff

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Wheee. What a predicament.
Other than ending a round is there really a reason to activate killing machine? has anyone figure out if the benefit out ways the downside?


Here's my little Killing maching setup
-First I cancel the combo with 12-DD4 and let the opponent in front of you with the armor advantage
-The combo afterwards ends just when killing machine finishes and at a relative safe distance
(the video quality is shit, I know)
JiP-F42-F42-12-DD4,...,F42, F42,111-DF1
You can have 57% damage if your opp. do not respect the armor. Or even more(and safer) if you have the XRay


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Seriously how are we suppose to do 50/50s at mid distance? Some people talk about it like it's legit 50/50 but all we can do is F42 because F2 overhead is pointless (unless in corner) since you can only connect bf4 afterwards.
That being said any more decent player will know that (at mid) and just gonna block your F42