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Sindel General Discussion Thread

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Yeah, judging from Skarlet who has mutliple hairstyles, but hair isn't a gear piece... I'm betting Sindel's gear won't include hair. It'll just change depending on the skin you equip.

I bet her gear is:
The necklace thing she's wearing
leg accessory (the thing on her left leg that doesn't show on her right)


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Hasn't she always been a revenant, every version of her I have seen she has had cloudy/white eyes and now she rocks the revamped revenant look
She kept the glowing pupiless eyes in Deception when she wasn't a revenant and worked closely with Jade to subvert Onaga and work to free Kitana. That's just her look they wanted her to have.


But she is. I mean it's pretty obvious from that first pic that we got. She will definitely have human version too.
While i agree with you that she most likely will be a revenant the picture is not 100% conclusive. Her skin doesnt look as damaged as the other revenants and as Espio pointed out she had glowing eyes before all the revenant bs.

I also didint make myself clear in my previous post. What i meant is that if she really is a revenant i hope she has normal skins too and that all her revenant skins are available as non revenant versions.

Storywise i dont care what she is at this point. Not a fan of MK11 timeshenanigans and not a fan of Sindels revamped story.