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Discussion in 'Sindel' started by Somberness, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Seapeople

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    Somberness do you know the hit advantage of d3 & d4 vs crouch, and the cancel advantage of d4 vs crouch?
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  2. Somberness

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    - changed 4,4's advantage to 0 and +52 (it's always 0 even if it hits later. Though, the gap will increase.)
    - decreased levitate's duration numbers by 1. Sorry about that, same problem as 4,4. :( But hey, that means it's better than it was previously.
    - +1 to throw advantages
    - adjusted minimum duration for air fireballs (-1), except -5 for backwards jump as my previous method was flawed and produced higher results. Have to do it at neutral to keep it accurate.
    - changed all air fireball advantages to lowest height of a neutral jump (to make sure the fireball hits asap). This is pretty annoying, I might have to skip Kabal's, lol.
    - added tech roll knockdowns, execution numbers for multiple hit moves, and some other stuff
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  3. Seapeople

    Seapeople This one's for you

    That's awesome, it's like Sindel just got buffed lol. I wish she didn't have so many frame gaps though...she has so many problems :(
  4. lmx17

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    what are the armor active frames for step over
  5. Laos_boy

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    I don't think she has armour on that move.

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