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Shang Tsung Gameplay Trailer & Kombat Pack Revealed!

It's finally here! The DLC trailer showing off Shang Tsung and letting us know who is still to come. Check it out!


Shang Tsung will be available June 18th to Kombat Pack owners along with the Klassic Arcade Ninja skin pack which includes MK2-inspired skins for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Noob Saibot!

Kombat Pack line-up:
  • Shang Tsung
  • Nightwolf
  • Sindel
  • Spawn
  • ...and two more guests to be revealed soon
The Kombat Pack also includes more gear and skins for every character, with a total of 19 additional skins!

Thanks @Darth-Nero for the additional information.
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So what was with the mk4 tease? Was that another shot at the Fujin folk? Another “fuck Fujin” in the background lol. That’s cold man.
Yeah, it's super weird.

Like obviously the leak is real so there's a very good chance that Fujin is still coming along with Sheeva and The Joker (or whatever guest), but considering Ed's hints I thought for sure Fujin would be in this particular Kombat Pack.
He's pretty neat. I'll give him a shot for sure if I like his playstyle, but I don't particularly like how he transforms into the other ninjas. I wish they did a bit more to carve out his own identity, but it'd be hard not to make him super similar to Quan Chi. Some of his animations were super neat but he has that NRS problem of only engaging the limbs that are doing the action, like only punching with his arm and not engaging the rest of his body. I 100% support him having the Rain Roundhouse Kick

He looks like he has some decent footsies buttons, so if he does big damage on his combos I'll definitely gravitate towards him.
Yeah it's really disappointing we didn't get any kind of glimpse of the characters. The Injustice 2 dlc fight club cinematics were fucking insane, I was hoping they go even further with it
I wonder what they mean by "two more guests"

Does that mean two more guest characters similar to Spawn? Or does it just mean there are two more "guests" coming to the Kombat Pack which could be anyone?

Shang looks cool and I'm glad Sindel and Nightwolf are back, but I have to admit that the lack of Fujin is kinda disappointing since the rest of the leak has turned out to be real. :/
my guess is Terminator and Joker are the other two guest considering their movies are coming.
I feel like Shang should have done his own stuff in the Fatal blow but whatever. He has mk9 soul steal so im happy
Yeah his fatal was kinda weak. I liked everything else though. I’m also not a big fan of the skin. I’d rather see that leather jacket from the movie.

What do you think the gear pieces are? I would say his claws, those green balls on his belt annnnd....Maybe the ninja skins like noob?
my guess is Terminator and Joker are the other two guest considering their movies are coming.
You can hear a chainsaw and a lever-action reloading rifle/shotgun when "two more guests" shows up. The datamining already leaked Ash from Evil Dead and Terminator. I bet they're the guests.
The outfit in his intro dialogue differs from when he actually fights Raiden. Wondering what other skins they gave him.
Shang looks awesome. Dont like the ninja morph though... apparently he transforms into all the classic ninjas (the last transformtion is Noob right?).

3 guests is sad news... at least Spawn is in this KP as he is the only Guest i am remotely interested in.

Go Sindel :) Cant wait for her gameplay trailer.
Its early and I may be overreacting, but I feel super bummed that my favorite characters from MK are reduced to gimmick special moves. I'd rather them not be in the game at all than get blue balls. Feels like a big middle finger to all the ninja fans