[RESULTS] GET IT IN OHIO 2018 - Cincinnati, OH - UMK3, Trilogy, Teams, Randper Results!!

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By tehdrewsus on Apr 9, 2018 at 3:21 PM
  1. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+


    Wow, what a weekend! Klassic MK is officially back on the map, and the thumbtack on that map is on Cincinnati, Ohio.

    For this year's events, we had 4 featured tournaments - 1v1 UMK3 was the main event, with some EXTREMELY hype tournaments for 4 Player/Teams 2v2 Kombat, MK Trilogy on N64, and Randper Kombat! We were also able to get exhibitions of the latest release of UMK3:TE, and MK2+ !! We had a main stream and a Youtube simulcast. We learned a lot of about streaming this way and found out what worked well as well as means of improvement.

    At one point in the broadcast, we were OVER 1000 VIEWERS!! HUGE thanks to Kombat Network - @Shock @Konqrr @Mikemetroid were all in the stream at one point. Props to @HellblazerHawkman for helping get the word out on TYM, and EVERYONE ELSE (forgive me if I'm missing someone, pipe up!) who helped up our view count!

    Another big thanks goes to @YourMKArcadeSource for his donation to the pot bonus - He also co-owns a little place called The Arcade in Wichita, KS - you should go check it out sometime. We also had contributions from @Cienfuegos, Magister (shapeshifter), myself, Twin Paradox, @Trukuu777, the PostMortem brothers and ZPaul2Fresh8 over at MortalKombatPlus.com, and lovey01. @9.95 provided the trophies - excellent work as always my friend!

    And I believe the BIGGEST thanks of all goes to our venue owner, Jesse at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati. A SUPER LOW $10 venue fee per player that was good for 2 days, tournament and casuals use of THREE MK arcade machines that he wheeled to the venue space, full access to the arcade, all of his streaming equipment, and multiple setups for consoles and other items - absolutely amazing.

    This year's cast of kombatants saw a mix of fresh faces along with the returning cast from previous interations. We had a total of 21 participants in this Event! He wasn't able to come down Saturday, but @THTB made the trip down for 2v2 and Randper on Sunday - awesome to finally meet him!

    I'll let some of the other guys chime in as well for their input on the events, and I'll type up one of my own as well, but here's probably what you all wanted - the results!!

    Main event - UMK3 (juggernauts hack), 1v1 - 3 out of 5, winners/losers/grand finals 4 out of 7:
    Total Participants: 20
    Supreme Champion: ddy_08
    Worthy Adversary: @Spic Unit
    Maybe Next Time: demonichris
    4th place: @tehdrewsus
    5th place tie: @Cienfuegos
    7th place tie: @Ziggy
    9th place tie: @McLOV1NS
    @killa corona

    13th place tie: rinn
    mr jaundice
    mr manifesto

    17th place tie: clarenceftw
    turd baby
    doomed nuclei
    mr FAB

    see the bracket here: https://challonge.com/logaviay

    UMK3 (revision 1.3 + Rain) 2v2 Doubles/Teams event: 2 out of 3, winners/losers/grand finals 3 out of 5:
    Total Participants: 17
    Supreme Champion: drewsus/ziggy (on the reset!)
    Worthy Adversary: psshhh/cienfuegos
    Maybe Next Time: dubson/ddy
    4th place: demonichris/mclovins
    5th place tie: xCounterWeightx X2

    7th place tie: thtb/mr jaundice

    9th place: mr fab/doomed nuclei
    see the bracket here: https://challonge.com/giio2k182v2

    UMK3 (revision 1.3 + Rain) Randper Kombat - 2 out of 3, winners/losers/grand finals 3 out of 5:
    Participants: 12
    Supreme Champion: mclovins
    Worthy Adversary: dubson
    Maybe Next Time: ddy
    4th place: psshhh
    5th place tie: ziggy

    7th place tie: demonichris
    mr jaundice

    9th place tie: doomed nuclei

    see the bracket here: https://challonge.com/giio2k18rp

    MK Trilogy 3v3 - 2 out of 3, winners/losers/grand finals 3 out of 5:
    Participants: 17
    Supreme Champion: dubson
    Worthy Adversary: demonichris
    Maybe Next Time: cienfuegos
    4th place: pshhh
    5th place tie: ddy

    7th place tie: ziggy

    9th place tie: doomed nuclei
    mr fab

    13th place tie: mr manifesto
    turd baby

    17th place: mr jaundice
    see the bracket here: https://challonge.com/rfdez91f

    UMK3:TE casuals/KOTH

    MK2+ casuals
    1st place - TAG TEAM 2v2!
    very close 2nd - that new 2v2 select screen
    tied for 2nd - choose your palette on select screen!

    See the stream archive here: www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy
    See the simulcast youtube segments here: youtube.com/caffeinefreedom

    Keep your calendars set and clear for the end of March/beginning of April!

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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by tehdrewsus, Apr 9, 2018.

    1. Konqrr
      I was watching the entire time <3

      Lots of really great games, lots of stream and controller issues as well that i hope are improved on next year.

      Thanks for all you do!
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    2. tehdrewsus
      Thanks for watching!

      The controller issues we narrowed down to third party controllers screwing with the adapters. Official MS 360 controllers and PS3 dual shocks were fine.

      As far as stream issues go, XSplit is just too resource intensive now. We will definitely improve for next year
      Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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    3. Rin Andrechentov
      Rin Andrechentov
      Congrats on an awesome tournament! It had been a while since I’ve been to any tournament and it overachieved! Great games to all and to everyone I was fortunate enough to play in and out of tournament. I’ll definately try to make it out next year! Thanks again all and keep the scene alive!
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    4. Cienfuegos
      Amazing tournament @tehdrewsus ! I was finally able to make it out to Ohio myself this time around and played UMK3 and MKT offline for the first time! Had a lot of fun playing casuals and intense tourney matches (also 2 UMK3 cabs, one with 1.3!!!). Looking forward to the next season of GIIO, hope to see everyone return + more. For anyone wondering, its definitely worth going - GIIO hype!
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    5. Spic Unit
      Spic Unit
      Had an awesome time at the tournament glad to be part of the mk community.

      Win or lose for me it's still fun regardless the challenges from different people and the big plus there is no delay! Lol I had fun and hope to do it again 2k19!
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    6. killa corona
      killa corona
      Get it Ohio 2018 was awesome!...alot of great players from around the states Im definitely looking forward to next year
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    7. Trukuu777
      The event was incredible Drew. Great job, and thanks for everything you do for the Kommunity!

      I had a great time meeting and playing with everyone, and there was a ton of stiff competition there. I am honestly surprised I won any matches at all!

      I wanted to give some shout-outs to @Rin Andrechentov and @dubson for giving me some great pointers to up my game. Also thanks goes to @Spic Unit for showing me the actual hand movements required for glitch jabbing. I've been practicing the mix-ups and techniques shown to me and it's made a difference already. Rin, your Unmasked Sub traps were a blast to watch in the tourney! I think you inspired Turd Baby with your Kano play as well...

      The SNES casuals were really fun, and I would like to see more of that. If @tehdrewsus is cool with it I would love to have that back and also bring the Genesis version /w capture equipment to get some fun casuals footage throughout the day for fun. I know @dubson wanted to see my capture equipment again so I would definitely be down for it.

      I also researched why my controller was giving so many issues and it turns out only certain PS1/2 to 360/PS3 USB adapters support the digital PS1 controller. That being said, I will bring an adapter that has better compatibility with my pad next time and that should fix the issue. If not, I will just have a DualShock as a backup since those were working with the adapters on the arcade machine. Apologies for the pad issues I brought with me as I know that was a headache and a half.

      I highly recommend anybody that plays or even has a slight interest in UMK3 tries to make it out next year to really see this event in motion. We had some brand new faces like Doomed Nuclei that I really hope come back too.
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    8. Koozbane
      Hey! Turd Baby here! I had a blast competing with everyone! Even if I got whooped, I like to think I at least looked good while losing!
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    9. THTB
      I, myself, use Streamlabs OBS. Basically takes OBS (which isn't as intensive) and even adds features such as chat view right inside the app, as well as all of Streamlabs' other bells and whistles.

      Wish I could have made it down from the beginning, but I had fun with the limited time I was there. Hope to get the full experience next year!

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