get it in ohio

  1. tehdrewsus

    GET IT IN OHIO 2019! April 5-7, Cincinnati Ohio!

    Check the thread here to RSVP here: OVER 2 FULL DAYS of Kombat! Starting Friday, April 5, through Sunday April 7. Casuals Friday evening/night, All day Kombat Saturday and Sunday! We've seen good growth...
  2. tehdrewsus

    [RESULTS] GET IT IN OHIO 2018 - Cincinnati, OH - UMK3, Trilogy, Teams, Randper Results!!

    Wow, what a weekend! Klassic MK is officially back on the map, and the thumbtack on that map is on Cincinnati, Ohio. For this year's events, we had 4 featured tournaments - 1v1 UMK3 was the main event, with some EXTREMELY hype tournaments for 4 Player/Teams 2v2 Kombat, MK Trilogy on N64, and...