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Recommend me a game by posting a song from its soundtrack


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Here are some old-school ones for you. Great songs and great games:

And, just for fun, an insane remix of that Mega Man 3 theme:

Fuck it, here is his MM2 Dr. Wily cover too. It's just too good to not include!
Some of my favorite Megaten tracks:
These are from visual novels, throw heavy objects at me if you wish:
My favorite song from No More Heroes 2:

Shania Twain

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I wish I had time to play a lot of these games. The stories and campaigns take forever. The downside of getting old. lol.

anyhow...I loved the FFX-2 intro song. and well...almost if not all their games have great soundtracks.


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Looks like time had it's way with the first two tracks, but I'm a big fan of Halo Infinite. I tried to google the video and "Endless" came up. Was that the underrated theme? It is good. And I guess the second video was a KI track?

I got AC one and didn't care for it and that was it for me, so I have no attachment or nostalgia really for it, and I still really dug the Jesper Kyd track. Thanks for sharing
Yes sir that was Endless. Great track that is no longer underrated, it's been getting more attention from Halo fans. Very creepy and sad, but also full of mystery and anticipation. I think the scenes it was used for in the game also fit it very well.

AC 1 is showing it's age. I love it thematically though, but even I think it's a slog to play. Id go straight to AC2 / the Ezio trilogy, which is also showing it's age, but still does the trick for me. I think it'll be refreshing for you, even if it is an old game, to play a Ubisoft game where they actually gave a fuck about what they were making. I'd do 2, brotherhood, revelations, 3, black flag. Unity is very good, Syndicate is okay. I personally like Origins, but I think Valhalla and Odyssey suck. We seem to have similar taste in games so I'd encourage you to give it a shot if you burn through your back log. And as for the music, Ezio's Family becomes the unofficial theme for Assassin's Creed, even the games that don't have Ezio all have a rendition of Ezio's Family, it's pretty cool.


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You know what, TC ? I'm in a DreamCast mood right now, so, here's a part of my childhood (because i was fortunate enough to have a DreamCast when i was 7 or so, while my brother had, pretty much, everything else) :

A perfect soundtrack (the whole OST) to a nearly perfect game (there's some jank, that will take a lot of time to explain). Most of the people got introduced into the franchise via 2, but THIS is where it's at (for me). Also Mission Mode is the greatest single-played mode in a fighting game ever made and it hasn't been beaten to this day. Also-also this game has one of three songs that make me tear up... but i'm not telling which one. :p

A game that's synonymous with its console and the one i'll never get tired of. I actually used this track in one of my MK-related celebration videos i've been making for the past month (not giving ny links, because that's not the point, i just remembered about that).

Q3 DC OST = best Q3 OST (sorry, if there were too many abbreviations)

Now here's something more obscure, you could say, but great nonetheless. Remember when games used to have fantastic songs, that you could hear in the opening menu ? REMEMBER, NRS ?!

And, of course, i can't avoid the beloved House of the Dead spin-off. Looking back, it's weird how it took them this long to come up with the idea of a full-blown beat'em up HotD game... and then they abandoned the concept altogether.
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My favorite PS4 exclusive and still has yet to be topped on PS5. Criminal it got eclipsed by TLOU 2, despite being a far better game.
Another underrated Halo theme, first time it kicks on is really cool. Kind of like what Ezio's Family in Assassins Creed, whenever this comes on in a Halo game, you know you're in a special part that they devs want you to appreciate.
One of my favorite parts of my favorite stories in any game, much needed after the traumatizing ending.
Yes it's a COD game, but back in 2009 they actually gave a fuck and got Hanz Zimmer to do the music.

Sounds epic. Maybe one day I'll play Ghosts, just don't have PS. Just like I did with Metal Gear, I'll catch up eventually

A Walk in the Woods is that sound man, my favorite version was the Halo 2 "Heretic, Hero" with those metallic drums. I wish I had those drums in my house so I could just bang them every morning. A lot of great OST in the series but I really loved the percussion/synth combo of the first two games in particular

House building with Javier and co very wholesome indeed I think the game could have used some better synergy with side quests and everything but it's also one of the best western stories ever IMO so I'll cut it some slack, cowpoke

Flashbacks of getting sniped by Akimbo Model 1887 holy shit lmao, but I remember digging this OST. I didn't remember that it was Zimmer though. This was pretty much the last CoD that I bought but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Still partial to World At War
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Cyberpunk 2077 has so many great songs, CDPR could easily be a record company aswell. Pain, Never Fade Away, Night City, 4ÆM, Black dog and many other great songs!

Doom is also great especially the 2016 soundtracks, they are soooooo gooooooodddd, killing demons and violence with adrenaline kicking music. Same goes for Ghostrunner, skillbased game, difficult, it looks great, and even if you fail, it wants you keep going, doesn't matter how many times you are failling. Once the music kicks in, you want to keep going. Payday 2 also great soundtracks, great when the police assault the place. Killing Floor 2 does a amazing job aswell!

GTA V is overal very good atmosphere and fun to play and very detailed. Game still holds up against recent game releases.

GTA V the score playlist

Ghostrunner playlist

Payday 2 playlist
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