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Yea, this one is total misunderstanding. In terms of the wacky design and moves. And to be fair I was the most excited about his 2nd fatality to be presented today. Well, seems I need to wait some more time xD


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Looks good more so disappointed in him not having an mk9 based tournament variation with round house lighting and bubble but he looks very cool. I also noticed the bubble can cause a restand as well just like mk9.


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Anyone able to give a quick breakdown of each variation? Can't watch the stream recap due to work


Anyone able to give a quick breakdown of each variation? Can't watch the stream recap due to work
So his normals don't have the best range but they said his specials complement them cause they have bigger range. Plus he's apparently really good up close with flashy combos. Loads of Katar and water use in his normals which IMO look dope!

His universal specials are:
-Roundhouse kick. His classic one just looks a bit different and you can MB to a combo.
-Waterball. Not the projectile one, he travels fullscreen kinda like Raiden's superman. Has KB from fullscreen or armor break.
-Katar throw. Can MB to become mid.
-Evaporate. Turns into body of water, basically invincible.

V1 has this lightning bolt that replaces the bubble and is like half screen range. Goes up, or can do it in the air where he goes straight across or down. Seemed pretty great mobility and pushback on block. Also gets a portal that absorbs projectiles, if you absorb 2 his KB is loaded.

V2 has this advancing strike, that you can delay into KB or cancel and he has the splash move form MK9 that restands. Overall this variation blows up wakeups. He also has an up-splash anti-air (hits from some of his popup combos too like Sheeva's), can MB into combo. Doesn't conflict with roundhouse kick so basically they said this variation has some big flashy combos.

V3 has this ground tidal wave which has great range and loads of active frames. Also get his classic MKT water bubble which you can MB into combo. You can direct where it goes again (even downwards into popup which looked quite cool).

You're welcome;)
Anyone able to give a quick breakdown of each variation? Can't watch the stream recap due to work
Base moves:
  • Super roundhouse kick
  • Water fade (works like Ermac's "wow out")
  • Katar toss (is a high, can be amplified while in the air to become a mid, or amplified after hitting for more damage)
  • Turns into a bubble and moves forward - basically exactly like raiden's superman. Krushing blow if from full screen.
Variation 1:
  • Projectile barrier (places an obstacle that can absorb one projectile, works like Sub's clone in MKX)
  • Thunder slash (a slashing move with the katar that has increased range - we saw him using it vs sindel. can be amp for a second hit that MAYBE allows for combo in the corner. absorbing 2 projectiles with projectile barrier unlocks the krushing blow - the 2nd hit from amp now pops up and does additional damage)
  • Air thunder slash (can dash forwards in the air. amp version makes him dash forwards then backwards. can be aimed from air to ground in a diagonal dive. amplifying the diagonal dive gives a second hit)
Variation 2:
  • Evade (works like that spawn move he dashes back and charges a punch. not sure if it can absorb projectiles. can be held for a krushing blow or canceled for 1 defensive bar)
  • Water spray (works like his mk9 water spray, restands).
  • Anti air water spray (fast anti-air, can be amplified for a combo)
Variation 3:

  • Low water wave (amp version has 2 hits and 100 active frames)
  • Bubble (is a high projectile, replaces katar toss. Amp version can control where the opponent will land - 4 options: towards corner, towards player, upwards, downwards for a bounce; all seem possible to combo after.
No mention of his mk9 thunder pop up, nor any mention of that "rising ice"-like move we saw on the meet rain trailer - most likely custom variations only.

edit: someone beat me to it :(

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Soooo...looks aesthetically super cool like every other character in the game, but essentially plays like every other character in the game, and his two best looking moves in the trailer aren't in any of his variations.


Can't wait to see whether he wins fights with his D3, D4, or Throw KB's most efficiently.


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Nice. His default and his second one are probably my favorites. Though I do like the hood in the 3rd one. But this does confirm that he has his 4 unique skins, with the MK2 skin being an extra. Seems this will definitely be the case with Mileena as well. I'm more hype than I was before. Mileena's possibly gonna have six skins. More than the other DLCs...(Not including Shang Tsung who has the movie skin and got like 3 extra skins after Aftermath) her impact.


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Finally off work and watching the recap. Looking at the V2 dashing palm strike's speed, I can't help but wonder if this will work the same as parry-canceling Flawless Blockable moves or pokes to punish flawless reversals or reversal pokes. Assuming this is true, that is going to be some insane stagger ability considering it can also be canceled, leaving him at a safe distance that appears to be about the same distance as his F2. I can see V2 being cancerous as hell for stagger pressure and I am 100% ready for it. I also ADORE restands and V2 has his MK9 restand.

His back dash looks pretty good, but Elder Gods help me his forward dash looks broken as shit. Anyone else notice this? It looks like the distance of Cetrion's backdash combined with Fujin's dash speed.

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The kombat kast was pretty lacklustre, I was hoping for some details on strings and the second fatal. Still excited to play the man though

yeah @Arqwart that dash speed looked so nutty
Is it just me or does Rain seem to do very little damage?
Yeah it looks like he has below average damage but he can break 30% at the cost of two bars in v2.

Come to think of it, I remember that long story leak mentioning that Rain had low damage so maybe this provides a bit of validity for that leak.