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You clearly said "Being gay is ok lol no need to represent that in video games."

Funny how you ignore the facts I spit just to make yourself look like even more a clown. Good job. Congrats. Big brain move lmao.
What?! Lol That was not in context with what i said before. I don’t need to repeat myself. Whatever Drama queen bye


Damn I‘m loving that JC narrated trailer. I like his new backstory as well, I think it kinda adds a little sympathy back to his character instead of just being a irrevocable bad guy like Shang.

I still cannot believe that Daanish Syed dude, who said the studio didn‘t feel inspired enough about Rain to want to put him in 11, actually said some shit like that.
I think ma boy Rain is an experienced top verse and obviously very into watersports :DOGE

And holy shit those brutalities are sick! Also, he seems to have a move similar to sub's rising ice, I can almost bet it is not on his tournament variations lol