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Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
So is Raiden any different? I think it's just placebo but people are claiming Raiden is different. The three things I've seen people say are:

While trait is active:

MBShocker now launches higher

Normal Vicinity Blast has a different hit reaction (like a f2~db2)

And an increase to his walkspeed.

Thoughts? Is it true? Just people's imaginations?


Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
I've been trying to improve the outlook of the Dr. Fate matchup and here's something I found.

Midscreen setup using trait that can take away Dr. Fates wakeup while granting you okizeme. In the video, Dr. Fate gets hit by the setup because he is set to wakeup, but the D3 would combo into the MB bolt all the same. If you leave more range inbeween Fate and the MB bolt, you get more versatile pressure and mixups with the orb but Fate won't have his wakeup automatically stuffed. Note that all versions of Vicinity Blast/DB2 are hard knockdowns, with the exception of DB2MB without trait up. If a Superman ender will get you into the corner, I would recommend just taking the corner carry but this is a good setup for keeping your offense going in the midscreen.

It can be repurposed for other character as well, but it's very character dependent. Dr. Fate works because he moves back but it should be strong against characters with easily stuffable wakeups or just to bait a punishable wakeup while maintaining some pressure.