1. FanTalk

    Raiden Buff (8/7/19 PATCH)

    Raiden • Raiden - Lightning Strike Amplified now tracks the opponent • Raiden - Electric Burst startup is now 19 frames (was 17), has 1 less active frame, recovers 3 frames faster • Raiden - Electric Burst causes increased blockstun and pushback while Quick Charge is active •...
  2. eddiegreyy

    Raiden Combos

  3. Lord_Gandalf

    Mortal Kombat 11 Realms Merged- Fanart

    Hey everyone, I'm very excited for the new MK game and wanted to create a concept in honor of the progressing story. A small brief i wrote before i created the image: The hellfire within Scorpion is slipping through his grip. He's lost control of his rage, allowing the Netherrealm to break...
  4. YeagerZGaminG

    Raiden Match Videos

    Injustice 2 Raiden Ranked - Raiden vs Black Lighning & Raiden vs Supergirl
  5. HapHaxion

    Raiden Matchup Discussion

    Saw there wasn't a general MU Discussion thread for Raiden yet, so I decided to make one. Discuss numbers, reasonings, strategies, what have you, below. ⚡⚡
  6. DDutchguy

    Raiden Tech Discussion

    I have a feeling that there's some good tech to be found for Raiden, or rather stuff you may not have thought about at first. Post all your tech and tech-like discoveries here! Some things to get you lab monsters started with: 112B3 and 112xxDF2 mixups (112B3 is gapless and crosses up...
  7. DDutchguy

    Raiden Combo Thread

    LORD RAIDEN HAS ARRIVED Raiden is finally officially out for Ultimate Edition and Fighter Pack 2 holders, and to make your Thunder God play as good as it can be, start out strong with this combo thread! Courtesty of Microsoft for letting some of us play Raiden early Notes All combos were...
  8. DDutchguy

    Raiden Speculation Thread

    Please move this thread to the Raiden subforum once it has been made I am super hype for Raiden so a speculation thread is in order. Things that are basically confirmed - Electric Fly - Shocker (potentially meter burnable for a combo) - Lightning bolt projectile Things that are not confirmed...
  9. KitanaFanPage

    Mortal Kombat comics by Luiz Mictian

    Luiz Mictian, a professional artist and a big Mortal Kombat fan, has written and illustrated four Kitana tribute comics. Both our beloved klassic characters and the new generation ones star in these stories. What's more, there are beautifully choreographed and illustrated fight scenes. And the...
  10. DDutchguy

    Making Christopher Lambert gear for Raiden

    NOTE: This post was made under the assumption that the Raiden silhouette is not a gigantic fucking bait and switch by Ed Boon to screw with Raiden players. Raiden is, fficially DLC (HYPE), so we have to talk gear. Specifically headgear. HAIR FROM 1995 RAIDEN It's a no-brainer to make...
  11. DJ SLICE 500

    Tips on Meter mangement in MKX/ Raiden gameplay

    So this one is more for new players just some quick tips and some nice gameplay with a good displacer raiden oh and also i forgot to mention optimal meter build. Which ia when you whiff a special move on purpose to build meter for free essentially
  12. Mrfinesse28

    Match Footage - Master of Storms Mrfinesse28's Raiden "Master of Storms" Bermuda Triangle Setups

    @Mrfinesse28 invites you to check out some of his Raiden, Master of Storms combos and setups. This variation of Raiden is seemingly the lesser-used out of all three variations, so it's definitely nice to have some light shed on it. Other Raiden players who use this variation (just to name a...
  13. Toodrunk2combo

    Mkx beer is out now

    I remember reading about it a few months ago, and can't seem to find any current post about it so I made one. Anyways, while walking through my local bevmo I happened to find the mkx beers. At nearly 8$ a bottle they are a bit pricey, but I couldn't resist picking up one of each. Since this is...