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Is it just me or does piercing exp. more juggle scaling, resulting in less air time in her combos? I'm a 100% Ravenous main since day 1 of becoming Mileena main, but although Rav is more interesting and fun to play.. she doesn't scale as high compared to Piercing. So recently i started messing with Piercing a little and my biggest issue with it is that B1 , 2 , 1+3 often whiffs, especially after MB U+3. While the same string in her Rav variation practically always connects. And this occurs mostly after a standing 2 AA followed by ; B1, B12xxBall roll, U+3 MB, B1,2,1+3. Anyone with knowledge about this problem? T.I.A


Relationship with Sonya ended
I'm guessing it's because she's a jack of all trades character and doesn't have many losing matchups.
B1, B1, B1, B12 roll, B212+4 = 37% meterless lol. NRS nerfed scaling on telekick air sai combo so any combo that doesn't have telekick air sai in it keeps the damage. 10f B1 makes some combos easier to perform and here we go, 37% meterless anti air combo