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I figured this is worth reposting here. @Juxtapose would probably get around to it provided it didn't slip down below the myriad of "Scorpion is so OP" threads over on the steam forums.

It sounds promising for people having frame issues. Basically boils down to disabling some sort of background recording.

MK 11 FPS drops? Try this!
So, i tried many things but, trust me, the real problem is Windows 10 and his hidden activated features.
In this case i tried to disable the GameDVR function and...IT WORKS! Finally i have 60 fps at high preset without significant fps drop.

This is the fix:

Open Regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> System -> GameConfigStore and set the GameDVR_Enabled to 0
Restart your system.

If this is 0 already, try this second step:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> PolicyManager -> default -> ApplicationManagement -> AllowGameDVR and set the "value" to 0 and restart your system.

I hope this can help you. Enjoy :)
@Gooberking Good catch. And yes, when I'm bored at work and on the Steam forums, it's usually scrub threads so I did indeed miss this.

Absolutely disabling Windows DVR (now called Captures) and game recording is a solid thing to try to improve performance.

Note the poster of this Steam thread, Raynys, seems to be confused though as he calls this an nVidia function in a subsequent reply he made, when Windows Captures is not related to nVidia at all. Windows Captures and nVidia Share are two different recording programs, and both can be easily disabled without needing to edit one's registry.

To disable Windows Captures, as well as Windows Game Bar, follow the instructions in this article here. Note this article is a year old and still calls Windows Captures Windows DVR, but the instructions are still step-by-step accurate.

To disable nVidia Share, simply open GeForce Experience and turn off the In-Game Overlay. Instructions on how to do so can be found on nVidia's site here.

I disabled Windows 10 Captures and Game Bar right after I install the OS, so that's always been off for me. I only enable nVidia Share when I'm looking to record games manually, and I have indeed noticed a performance hit in Mortal Kombat 11 when it's on post-Patch 5. Prior, there was no issue.

Feel free to post the above in the Steam thread for me on my behalf!