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On your knees, day 6 Kotal Kahn impressions.


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How about giving F2 more active frames. I mean just looking at the animation you'd think logically it should.

Its a great tool that could have a lot of utility but honestly in its current state it's very hard to use outside of whiff punishing.
F2 with more active frames would be great. More range on command grab and the ability to tie in with some other move(s) would be good as well. Shaving off the recovery time / on block negatives for a few of his abilities (e.g. one or more of panther, sun, totems, quake) would also be beneficial.

I don't think major changes are really needed... he just needs the set of tools currently available to him to be slightly more useable.


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I really miss sun choke

mk11 kotal does not feel good at all for me, probably won't keep playing him
His amp jaguar needs to be projectile immune completely.

I'm already giving up combo damage going with totemic to help with zoning. Having to guess and waste meter only to get stuffed by projectile during the starting frames of amp jaguar really sucks.


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What does everyone think of kotals place on Sonics tier list?
I feel like he is absolutely wrong. He basically said Kotal is fine just using a couple Normals, his F4, F34 and command grab. He didn't mention all his wiffing issues at all or his problems up close or far away.
No character should be reduced to 3 moves that don't even lead to combo. The ones that lead to combo are not high damage and if you want that damage you give up position. Any button he uses puts him close up where he has the hardest time due to having slow mids and all of his starters wiffing. When he is far away he only has a 29 frame high projectile.
He has great range but his F24 has hitbox issues and is 22f, his F1 wiffs and his F4 knocks down and his Specials are basically useless. Just compare all of that to Geras and it's clear he is bottom tier.


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I doubt he even played the character for more then 10 minutes. Sonic opinion is well an opinion but he just look at the character and than proceed to play S tier characters for the win. Other characters are "fine" for him, coz he not gonna play them in tournament so he doesn't really care.

Like we all said, hitbox issues, no reach on d1, 1, cmg and most importantly lack of fast advancing mid (9-10F) which in MK11 imo is like character tier defining. All the best characters currently in the game have 9-10F safe (advancing and even stagger/cancel) mids or straight up 50/50. There is really no middle ground here, you either has one of this or youre mid tier at best. Kotal has none on top of many other issues.
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