Old footage of the mythic UMK3 Chicago Wavenet machine, and my thoughts about it.

Discussion in 'Videos' started by TabuTroll, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. TabuTroll

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    In the 48:th second you will see a Wavenet machine.
    Thanx to Shmengetravel for info. http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showt...ly-the-only-time-you-ll-ever-see-UMK3-WaveNet

    Ever since I first heard about the UMK3 wavenet version i have always been wanting to try it.

    12 Wavenet UMK3 online arcade machines were tested in Chicago that could connect to other wavenet machines to challange players at an another arcade in your area.
    Its the only version that has been further rebalanced patched, unlike MK trilogy that was officially broken.
    Theres also said to be wavenet versions of regulair MK3.
    I will try to find more details and update with more info if possible.

    Also Noob Saibot was playable using the Human Smoke code on Kano.
    In normal UMK3 Noob had no special moves, was faster, and looked like Kano.
    I would be very interested to know if he had the same moves as in trilogy?
    Or if the announcer say his name?
    And maybe if theres possible to make a even more simulair hack that makes him as in wavenet? Like Juggernauts v1.0

    But most of all: I wonder if this version ever would/could be re-released in some way.
    Maybe as a dlc for MK arcade kollection? (would probably not happen because the need of 2 diffrent UMK3 servers)
    Or if not, maybe ask NR studios if they have any re-release plans, or what they want to make the rom/game public, if possible.
    Another idea would be to ask them to sell the rom and if so; maybe start a donation project.

    Am I only dreaming, or will this never be possible?
    Any thoughts?
  2. YourMKArcadeSource

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    Cool. Thanks Troll. Never actually seen a pic or video of the real Wavenet machine before.
  3. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    Cheers ;) . The goal is to keep the interest high, and in that way motivate a release from the person(s) who might have it.
  4. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    Wavenet machines were standard MK3 cabinets upgraded with wavenet boards and the wavenet sign on top. This picture is a little better photo of the sign lit up. If you want some more pictures let me know and I will take some more. I'll just have to dig it out of the garage.

  5. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    Yes please do, that is very interesting :)
    I must say that the sign looks alot better when it is lit up :)
  6. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    According to Mortal Kombat wiki http://mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_Mortal_Kombat_3_Wave_Net Noob Saibot was playable after executing a correct ultimate combat code, which is diffrent info then I´ve read before.
    But why would an ultimate kombat code have been used if he was using the same code as Human smoke?
    And if true so would the character select screen look diffrent too?

    Its teasing that MK9 has a wavenet trophy, but they still won´t release the wavenet version... yet.
  7. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    They will never release it, but maybe by even accident may someone get that jamma board and emulate that board so we can play it on mame.

    I mean, its was basically a MK machine with an ethernet cable. lol
  8. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    Or just dump the roms so UMK3 arcade owners could burn it to their own boards, and update their game.

    Not just a MK machine with a cable. But a balanced patched UMK3, with the 5th secret character. The "Ultimate" UMK3.
  9. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    There was no UKK for noob saibot. He was unlocked similarly to human smoke. You would pick kano and hold back+HP+LP+LK+BLOCK
  10. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    I'd love to finally be able to play it at some point.
    Care to share some specific differences between it and UMK3?

    I bet I've only heard of a few differences, like Strykers gun combo being cheese.
  11. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    Originally the game was exactly like MK3 and UMK3 once it was upgraded to it. Towards the end of wavenets life they made some changes to the game. The only changes I remember are: Strykers gun combo being interrupted with a message, kabals spin they added startup frames and an explosion sound on startup, and they limited how many time kung lao could spin. You sparked my interest in trying to remember exactly what changed. So I did some google searching and came up with three links from some old BBS conversations on alt.games.mk. LOL these posts are from 1996/7/8

    This link talks about one of the balancing messages that would come up. There is also a post by me of an easter egg I found in the game and a follow up post with some other easter eggs that I do not recall.


    Here is a guy talking about his first impression of wavenet. He describes being able to deny playing some which I do not remember.


    And this one made me LOL with the typical MK drama.

  12. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Yeah, it would be good to have all of the info on it logged somewhere, or at least as much of it as people can remember. And WOW I remember reading some Faqs with that "Rat" guy in them back in the day lmao. That smacktalk is pretty timeless.

    That easter egg sounds pretty awesome compared to the subtle things they normally did (pre-match hints, etc).

    So they DID nerf Kabal? Man I wish they'd just release a "r1.3" with those fixes if they are never going to release Wavenet.
  13. ChuckFiasco

    ChuckFiasco "I'm the 12th best Sub-Zero player in the world."

    Pretty cool. Never seen those before.
  14. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    Thank you for the very interesting info!

    Patches like the added frames and sound for Kabal spin and Stryker combo nerf really makes a diffrence in balancing, and high desire to find a board.
    (I don´t hate kabal or Stryker in regulair UMK3)
    Also interesting to read about the new maximum damage "KMD" message.

    And the added frames is probably hard to match if making a hack.
    Also remember that everyone use internet more today to update each other on gamechanges, so I imagine that many of the wavenet changes were not discover during it´s short official time. So a hack would probably be far from the actual version.

    The last 3rd link with the Day 1-2-3 "MK fuzz arcade stories" were exceptionally hilarious :)
  15. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

    One guess is that Midway themselfs might have picked up their boards at all the arcade places, when the testing time was over.

    According to the wiki info on wavenet UMK3 one store had the T1 line + wavenet game ( possible the UMK3 version ) installed longer than the other arcade places before it got swapped for a golden tee game.

    Maybe that board was not picked up by midway?
    If so, it might be a higher possibility to find that one then the other one´s, if it was stored away, or sold, instead of "taken away" by Midway.

    Now I´m asking if anyone knows about a wavenet MK game that was removed later then the other ones, plus the name of that arcade place, and location. (if it still is an arcade place)
    It could be possible to contact any of the persons involved, and ask further more.
  16. colt

    colt Noob
    NetherRealm Studios

    lol @ ahn trash talking 15yrs ago.

    the magic that made the machine a wavenet machine was 2 different roms on the board in place of the umk3 kit update roms. and a add on ide old school phone card that plugged into the t1. Noob was only playable on the machines if the machines were plugged in and could talk to the server.

    Noob had only 1 move the du tele-piledriver which turned off after 4 hits in a combo. He walked slightly faster than human smoke. he had a slightly different animated version of ermac's 4 hit pop punch combo, and a 4hit kick combo which started from a low kick animation.

    The main changes to the game was pushback on blocked jabs (including attacker pushback in the corner), 4 frame startup on kabal's dash (you still couldnt block it on reaction lol), kunglao's spin didnt collide after 4 hits in a combo and strykers gun didn't collide after 5 hits in a combo.

    The was also a MK-nitro edition coming soon troll teaser screen you could bring up by holding some conbination during the attract mode screen that would have rain and raiden teleport in and do their win poses.

    As far as I remember some of the arcades kept their wavenet machines which either went back into some distributor warehouse or just got sold off when the arcade closed. As far as what happened to those or the ones that were picked up who knows. Probably ended up getting smashed with a hammer in the loading dock.
  17. colt

    colt Noob
    NetherRealm Studios

    I do remember one day I was able to stay at Dennis from open at 10am till close at 2am on the same buy in (you have to buy to stay on every 5 wins after 10 wins or something).

    Vito actually drove from diversions when they closed at 11pm to dennis to say fuck you.

    I think that time was under the name pornostarr which stay up as a highscore with a 217 win streak before it was reset.
    other notable names from the leaderboards that I remember were
    wildcard <----- (THE BEST EVER)
  18. jamessmk

    jamessmk I am your god

    If I remember correct the goal was up to 2 ISDN bonding circuits or 1 cost :( not good, then.
    Game would connect to a server. Unfortunately this was ludicrous for a vendor. He had to eat the ISDN bill. So on top of having to make the money back from the purchase of a $12,000 cabinet, he also had to maintain the circuit. Ahead of it's time, yes.
  19. TabuTroll

    TabuTroll Noob

  20. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    WOW! I remember when Friar tucks first got MK3 wavenet. I saw the leaderboards and at the top was pornostarr. Lol at that time you should of been able to continue playing until playing until you lost without having to insert more tokens. When wavenet was winding down thats when I remember them adding the insert another token after every 10 wins.

    LOL at Vito driving up to say fuck you!! Reminds me of a guy named c0lt coming to dennis' place after seeing me on wavenet there. But you didnt come up to say fuck you, just to finally meet up in person.

    Busdriver was a name my friend came up with, I used it quite a bit because a lot of players would not play again if they saw MOE or 30W. Taking you to school in MK. http://www.gamefaqs.com/n64/197996-mortal-kombat-trilogy/faqs/2155

    If wildcard is wildcard?? from friars, that could of possibly been me. Human smoke walking back all day? It was actually someone else but as soon as they lost a round it would be "Moe take this over" so they would not lose their 2 tokens.

    Thrower actually bought the cabinet from friar tucks and no extra boards were inside. If I ever run into the owner I will ask him if he still has anything. I highly doubt it but it would be worth a try.
  21. colt

    colt Noob
    NetherRealm Studios

    wildcard from the time i met was a short slightly older black guy in a suit lol
    he only played noob and he played as thought he was cpu ai playing.
    he would only walk backwards never advanced i mean never even if he is losing on life.
    he would roundhouse you out of the air if you jumped at him and do knee uppercut if you got close.

    I remember laughing so hard at ppl playing against him because they would get so mad if they lost and even more mad if they because they wouldn't understand why he would still be running away and having time run out.
  22. GGA MOE30W

    GGA MOE30W Noob

    LOL sounds like the same guy I knew minus the suit. He was a shorter black man in his mid to late 20's possibly early 30's. I remember his real name was Aaron.
  23. Juggs

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    Lead Moderator

    This thread is full of old people. I like it.
  24. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    So wildcard was the first online MK troll?
  25. ded

    ded Elder God

    Great thread! Here are some facts about MK3 and UMK3 Wavenet that i got from various people and old internet sources:

    1. WaveNET Stands for Williams (! not Midway) Action Video Entertainment NETwork

    2. UMK3 Wavenet - You need 3 tokens to start, then after 10 wins, the message: "Kontinue your Winning Streak!" comes up, and you have to put in 2 more tokens to continue playing, and then every 5 wins after that, you have to put in two more tokens to continue.

    3. UMK3 Wavenet - When u try an infinite combo (Kung Lao's or Stryker's) a whistle will blow and say "Stop Cheating" and a few others messages, including KMD. What KMD is, I doubt someone know lol

    4. UMK3 Wavenet - Hall of fame - Wait for the "MK3 Wavenet Edition" screen. Press and hold at that moment start, right, and the rest of the buttons except for LP. Keep holding till it happens, if you see the demo, then something went wrong, try again. The screen starting flashing through different stages. Like it does when u put in a UKK. Then Raiden, Rain, and Noob popped out and perforem their winning stances. Then a MK1 and MK2 arcade machine fell behind them.

    5. UMK3 Wavenet - Do the same as the above one, but instead of doing it on the title, do it before the title. You'll notice that instead of "Wavnet Edition" it'll say "Nitro Edition".

    6. UMK3 Wavenet - Before the machine boots, press and hold RUN, once it boots, instead of saying "Downloading Wavnet Data", it'll say "Rewinding Cassette Deck".

    7. In UMK3 Wavenet people claimed that you could perform Babality AND Mercy, however, this is not working in Revision 1.1 and 1.2. In MK Trilogy for N64 you can perform Friendship and Mercy.

    8. MK3 Wavenet probably had some gameplay changes as well, because people said Cyrax's throw juggled the foe higher, and Nightwolf's 3rd axe has difficult times to connect.

    9. The Wavenet was implemented for Mortal Kombat 3 and San Francisco Rush somewhere in the spring of 1996. Somewhere around August for UMK3.

    10. MK3 used a really weird processor called a 34010 from Texas Instruments. However, the game designers pretty much pushed the CPU to its max before the Wavenet Group (thats the team for Wavenet) had a chance to make it a networked game. There wasn't enough RAM, CPU, or ROM (for networking code) left to do it, as well as this board didn't have an ethernet output on it to connect it up to the router. Midway ended up designing a tiiiiny little board (running a small embedded OS that just translated game commands into TCP/IP and vice versa) that plugged into an expansion connector on the MK3 board. It had an Ethernet controller, some ram, more ROMs for the networking code and a 386SX CPU made by AMD on it.

    11. UMK3 Wavenet gameplay changes had Kung Lao's Spin disabled after 3 hits, Stryker's Gun after 5 hits, before Kabal performs his Spin you hear a sound.

    12. UMK3 Wavenet - There was an option to change your nickname during the match, and some players often did that so they dont get the loss.

    13. Unconfirmed stuff - Ermac's TKS had larger area. You can do 99% combos but, then it just stops doing damage, the opponent will stay on danger no matter if the juggle continue. 12 Wavenet UMK3 machines and 8 MK3 Wavenet Machines total. Noob Saibot's Teleport move had a hit limit.

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