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Would you like Robo Smoke as DLC?

  1. Yes, an entire UMK3 Remake

    73 vote(s)
  2. Yes, a human smoke swap with slightly different specials

    14 vote(s)
  3. Yes, But I would not use him

    4 vote(s)
  4. Yes, but as a Cyber Skin for human Smoke only

    25 vote(s)
  5. No, Not at all

    15 vote(s)
  1. fleshmasher

    fleshmasher i got the poison

    Now that Robo Smoke is no skin in this pack, i really hope they heeded this poll and make him a MK3/MKT remake with unique fighting style.

    I also hope they use Sektor's MK9 skin in grey.
    Like in Raidens story mode vision of Cyber Smoke.
  2. Krayzie

    Krayzie Safeties disabled. Krayzie mode engaged!

    Both Human and Robot Smokes were always different characters.

    UMK3 Robot Smoke would be sick. He needs his spear back!
  3. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

  4. Joe Inky

    Joe Inky Noob

    Wouldn't you rather him have his own unique skin?

    If he was just Sektor but grey, I'd find it to be pretty disappointing visually.
  5. fleshmasher

    fleshmasher i got the poison

    I think Sektor's MK9 Skin looks really awesome.
    And using it would be easy i think. They could mod it too though.
    I thought about a Predator like "shoulder Smoke Bomb caster" but UMK3 remake wouldn't have smoke bombs.
  6. I think it would be too half assed to give smoke a cyber skin, and call it a day. Making an original cyber smoke would sell like hot cakes amongst the casual fans. way more than tanya or fuujin at least.
  7. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    he needs to have Sektors throw from UMK3
  8. Don't make him a simple DLC skin.

    Make him a future DLC fighter.

    He doesn't have to be cannon with the story as long as he's fun to play as. It's not Freddy and Kratos are a part of the story.
  9. Holy fuck, this. I'm just going to be blunt: I really don't understand how someone could ever prefer Cyber Smoke as a skin when he could be a new character all of his own. Why waste so much potential?

    Cyber Smoke has been my most requested DLC character since the game came out. I was really eager to see Rain get released (and I knew it would happen eventually), but I'd give anything to have Cyber Smoke. I main Cyber Subs, and I love how the other two cyborgs play. A lot of people say they shouldn't release a Cyber Smoke because he'd just be a lame rehash character, "Like Cyber Sub Zero", but they're dead wrong on both counts. Cyber Subs manages to be a character all of his own, even with several borrowed specials, because he has a lot of really standout normals and a very distinct feel. He's unique unto himself, regardless of what the haters may think, because he doesn't play anything like Sub Zero. There's no reason the same couldn't apply to Cyber Smoke.

    Really, I want to see Cyber Smoke for a number of reasons. First off, I love what they've done with the cyborgs in MK9, design-wise. Sektor looks the closest to his original MK3 design, but he was still given a convincing overhaul. Cyrax manages to stand out from Sektor while staying true to his original design as well, and I think that's really cool. Cyber Subs manages to look completely unique, and I was really impressed with how he turned out. Following that trend, I'm so eager to see what they could do with Cyber Smoke.

    The biggest issue I have with Cyber Smoke just being a skin is that it wouldn't feel right, at all. First off, Human Smoke and Cyber Smoke played like two completely different characters in UMK3/MKT, even if Human Smoke was mostly just a Scorpion rehash. Second, because MK9's Smoke was given a completely reworked movelist for this reason, he's not even the same character anymore. He still "feels" like Smoke, but he couldn't be any further from Cyber Smoke. To anyone who played the older games growing up, picture MK9 Smoke doing his moves in an MK3 Cyborg outfit, and tell me it wouldn't look really out of place. It doesn't matter if you make his attacks come from his chest: It just doesn't feel right. It's fine to release retros for Cyrax and Sektor because they still play like they did in every previous game, but MK9 Smoke doesn't play at all like MK3 Smoke.

    Oh, and here's an idea for Cyber Smoke: What if he kept the trident spear, but it shot out of his chest at a 45 degree angle? It could be more elastic-looking, with a quick lunge/retract motion to pull people in so it looks less like the spear. He could just kind of open his arms and lean back, sort of like Sektor does when he uses an up missile, and snatch people out of the air. It'd give him his oldschool trident spear, which is probably what he's best known for, without ripping off Scorpion.

    Alternatively, he could use it at a downward angle from the air to snatch people in for an air throw/teleport attack. Function-wise, it'd be like Cyber Sub's far divekick, meant to punish projectiles and such from the air. All you'd really have to do is make it punishable at close range, a la the Smoke bomb, and it'd be pretty fair.
  10. Havik

    Havik Noob

    I remember in mkt in the select screen there was two smokes, human and cyborg, in mkdeception/armaggeddon the first costume being the ninja (according to boon) and the alternate was the cyborg, so when you think about it its kinda hypocritical saying the only reason they are not putting cyber smoke in the game is because it wouldnt fit in with the timeline when they already done just that, had both versions of smoke. So realy that is biggest reason we wont get our cyber smoke, which isnt
    the best thing to do for NRS because I doubt anyone is more fond of the timeline than cyber smoke. BUt when you think about it there has to be other ways of going around the timeline like this for examole.

    "During the events of the invasion, the newly reborn queen sindel took the lives of many defenders of the realm, one of which, was a fugitive of the lin kuei seeking redemption, smoke. The lin kuei are stubborn as they are deadly, one way or another smoke would serve the lin kuei as an enhanced version of himself. While raiden was seeking aid in the netherrealm, sektor and cyrax along with the devious minds of the lin kuei extracted smokes powers and battle knowledge from his carcass, and placed it into a new body template constructed of cybernetic parts. With no soul or consciousness, it is inevitable he will be loyal to the lin kuei. His first task is to stop Raiden from konfronting the emperror shao kahn before he merges the realms. With new weapons at his disposal Raiden's fate along with Earthrealm is sealed, that is if the wraith of the zombie of sub zero doesnt beat him to it."

    His ending : the lin kuei had betrayed Shao Kahn and had smoke kill him, smoke was visited by an apparition of his former freind sub zero in zombie form and they fought until smoke won but dishearted because he didnt want to be cyborg and killed his friend

    if there was another reason like NRS is too busy working on umk9 or mk10 then thats totaly cool, but like I said the timeline shouldnt be a reason
  11. I don't know if you know, but in mk9 they changed the story up a little. Robo smoke isn't in because the Lin kui captured subzero instead of smoke (unlike older mk games), that made cyber subzero. Them making that character/skin would be against the story
  12. Uh, I think everyone and their dog knows that. DLC characters have no bearing on the story mode, since none of the arcade endings are canon. Rain isn't in the story mode, and they had no problem adding him. There's no reason Cyber Smoke can't exist as a what-if character.

    Honestly, it's no more fucked up than Freddy or Kratos being included.
  13. fleshmasher

    fleshmasher i got the poison

    Skrew the timeline.
    Unmasked Sub-Zero doesn´t fit the timeline either yet there he is.
  14. Abudabi

    Abudabi Noob

    how about a Robot character with spear and teleport punch named LK666 instead?
  15. Gamin_Guru

    Gamin_Guru Shang Bang

    No thanks. Human Smoke is annoying and over-popular enough already.
  16. Zerosoulreaver

    Zerosoulreaver -annataZ 4 CLD-

    I just want cyber smoke in the game. If it's just a throwback skin then that's fine, but would be great to have the character back. I don't understand how this wasn't taken into consideration over the Tanyas, Tremors and whatever other nonsense. Cyber Smoke is the ultimate throwback for MK at this point. It was kinda funny how they teased it in the story though.

    Maybe in the next game or something. I'm guessing NRS are still not clear on dlc continuing after Freddy or not?
  17. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    You're just jealous of his hair :3
  18. Gamin_Guru

    Gamin_Guru Shang Bang

    Sometimes mid way through the fight it sticks straight up. Makes me want to rage.
  19. catch22

    catch22 GOD LAO FTW!!!

    you got my vote for a completely umk remake ;)
  20. I wasn't being cocky, and the point I was making is that it's irrelevant. None of the DLC characters have a story outside of their bio and arcade ending, and those are all what-if scenarios anyhow. Cyber Subs is a what-if character with regards to the original canon, so there's no reason Cyber Smoke can't be a what-if character where this one is concerned.

  21. I wish I had his hair. And that was before I even knew he had fangirls which just made me want his hair even more. XD
  22. Personally I want a full new Cyber Smoke character.

    He had interesting specials, he'd have a different game than Smoke (Hell we have Cyber Sub and Sub) he'd just be a fully new character. He wouldn't need a story but it'd be easy to have his body stolen by the Lin Kuei and resurrected regardless as a cyborg. Would be interesting to see Raiden fail and all the Lin Kuei become cyborgs effectively.
  23. I believe it's a must for there to be a Human Smoke, Cyber Smoke, and Noob Smoke all as separate characters in the MK reboot, just solely for the reason that I want to see the direction they'd take them (because the really redid some characters for the better), and I liked all those characters =D. Cyber Smoke MUST come back!
  24. randomdps

    randomdps Noob

    This thread needs 50 more pages, and perhaps then it will have some weight.
  25. Justice

    Justice Noob

    I would rather see an entire roster of Hannah Montanas and Selena Gomezes and the rest of the Disney fluffers before a Cyber Smoke.

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