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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Godking Nori, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. EVB SomeCubanGuy

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  2. A F0xy Grampa

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    But when it comes to Johnny Cage I doubt anybody else has as much matchup experience with him as I do, just saying.
    But if you wanna take the word of an online warrior like Sharp be my guest.
  3. Slips

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    This is the most arrogant thing I've ever read. Your telling me you can on reaction see an instant air sai and red shadow kick to punish FULL SCREEN? Your telling me there is absolutely no way that Mileena player is able to bait you? Maybe doing a naked jump? Or doing a naked jump and doing the air sai just before she lands or not and just landing? Or throwing out some random pokes and feints to mess with your reactions to the animation of an ias?

    Your being ridiculous dude. Even if you COULD do this, Mileena could dash in within jump distance to where you can't hyper focus on just instant air sais and you gotta worry about d4, jump ins, f+3, ball, tele-kick ect.

    The only time Cage has advantage is at point blank range, and once he's in, Mileena's gotta guess for her life. Thats the only thing that could make this 5-5, but it sure as hell isn't 6-4 Cage.
  4. A F0xy Grampa

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    Alright you win, you are the master.
  5. AK L0rdoftheFLY

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    I have a question. Does the second hit of eh sai knock cage out of armor in eh shadow kick?
  6. sharp_paws

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    lol, foxy grampa telling someone they are an online warrior

    i'm sure you've gotten a lot of cage experience at those 6 man majors you go to every weekend

    this is exactly why people don't like you foxy, because you're a fucking know it all and half the time your wrong
  7. A F0xy Grampa

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    I dont give a shit if people like me or not on here cause you dont know me AT ALL. I'm talking about the Cage v Mileena matchup which I am 100% certain I know.

    Unless you would like to contribute your experiences because I know for sure that you've been to so many tournaments.

    Whatever I'll let you talk it out cause I dont see anybody else on here talking from Cages perspective. You obviously know the character that well.

    It doesnt, unless he gets that weird bug where the armour just dissappears for some reason.
  8. DanCock

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    Wow I can't believe some one actually believes cage can't be zoned lolololol

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  9. A F0xy Grampa

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    If the other character only has a straight projectile and no low projectile (i.e Mileena/Kitana/Sub Zero) he can just duck and sit on a life lead. same rule applies to quite alot of characters. I never said he cant be zoned full stop, just if hes sat on a life lead.

    Cant do it against characters like Sindel or Noob obviously though.
  10. ZeroEffect

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    Look man, I dunno about everyone else... but I have no beef with you, and I don't think your being completely stupid with your points. All I'm saying is that there's too many generalities. I also never said HALF of tym agreed with me. I just said we both HAVE people who agree with us both. So where does the chart go from here? Do we just say 5/5 and call it a day?

    What I will say, is your argument doesn't add up to your own matchup rating. You put a 6/4 for Cage, yet your argument sounds like she can't do much about him at all... Wouldn't that be more like the description of a 7/3 or an 8/2 matchup? A 6/4 matchup is only a SLIGHT advantage to one character over the other. (I even went as far to say it was 5.5/4.5 which is even closer to evening out.)

    Don't take this stuff so personal man. It's just a discussion.
  11. PimpUigi

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    Well, I guess we'll get our chance to practice against DetroitBallN at NEC. You're going right?
  12. ZeroEffect

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    Yes, I will be at NEC. Really lookin forward to it actually

    Lord of the Fly - It's 2 hits, but I think the shadow kick will end up hitting her before the second sai sice it's so fast.
  13. funkdoc

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    So, I've learned new things with Kano over time. Some good (anti-air b+1!), more bad - it's just not realistic for him to keep characters out the entire match, and his mid-range game isn't quite as strong as I had thought. There are a number of normals that have similar range to b+1 and f+1 even when it looks like they don't (e.g. Cage f+3), and more importantly Kano gets spaced out hard by most d4's. His own d4 isn't very good, so things get rough for him when someone has a good one and gets around his zoning.

    I'm pretty sure at this point that Kano loses to Jax, Cage, and even Sonya. Freddy is a slight disadvantage for him as well. Rain seems even-ish though I still have only played a little against him.

    EDIT: updated matchup numbers...

    vs. Kung Lao: 5-5 (KL having a crappy d4 himself means you can really outpoke him)
    vs. Raiden: 5-5
    vs. Kabal: 4-6 (will be at least even after hotfix, quite possibly Kano's favor depending on how iAGB is changed)
    vs. Cyrax: 4.5-5.5 (should be at least even after hotfix, Kano has a great mix of zoning and anti-zoning for this match)
    vs. Reptile: 5-5 (EX slide is nice but not a huge deal)
    vs. Johnny Cage: 4-6 (looking at this compared to KL matchup...better normals, better offense, EX shadow kick, and even better anti-air & upball punish)
    vs. Sub-Zero: 4-6 (you can EX knife ice blasts on reaction and still block, I think)
    vs. Kitana: 5.5-4.5 (Kano definitely didn't get his old knife back, not sure why people kept saying that)
    vs. Mileena: 4-6 (teleport owns your zoning, no answer to d4 besides jumpkick and hope you don't get AAed with teleport or roll, can't stuff her wakeup moves anymore with the new patch)
    vs. Jax: 4-6 (comparing this to Cage...much better projectile, AA is similar, far more anti-zoning options, offense isn't nearly as good midscreen but better in the corner)
    vs. Smoke: 5-5 (still suspect this is slight advantage for Kano, especially with the incoming nerf)
    vs. Liu Kang: 5.5-4.5
    vs. Nightwolf: 5-5
    vs. Scorpion: 5-5
    vs. Sektor: 4.5-5.5 or possibly 4-6 (Kano has no + on block moves so he can jab most of your pressure, f+1 whiffs when he crouch blocks, he probably wins projectile trades w/ the knockdown, not entirely sure how practical iATU is on knives)
    vs. Sonya: 4.5-5.5 or possibly 4-6 (the matchup I may have the least experience in...just thinking along similar lines to Jax/Cage, her payoff isn't as big but she has d4 of the gods with much better options afterward than Mileena, and she can also make you pay for jumping over d4...and her jab is a huge problem for your offense a la Sektor)
    vs. Noob Saibot: 6-4 (air ball on reaction is too strong here, sweep is a great poke against upknees, he can't get out of pressure very well)
    vs. Shang Tsung: 5-5 (highly tentative)
    vs. Ermac: 5.5-4.5
    vs. Cyber Sub-Zero: 5-5 (smart use of divekicks means that you can't really play footsies with him)
    vs. Sheeva: 6-4
    vs. Baraka: 5.5-4.5 (again, can be hard for Kano to deal with d4...gotta turtle real hard, luckily normal and EX blade charge can always be punished with ball)
    vs. Stryker: 5.5-4.5(tentative, weaker zoning than Sindel but one of the best armor moves)
    vs. Quan Chi: 5.5-4.5 (tentative number, Quan's definitely dirty enough to hang but his normals don't scare me)
    vs. Sindel: 5.5-4.5 (zoning is rough but EX ball helps and she gets mauled up close)
    vs. Jade: 6-4
    vs. Skarlet: 5.5-4.5
    vs. Kenshi: 5-5 (your reactions w/ ball have to be on point but this is doable)
    vs. Rain: 5-5 (very tentative)
    vs. Freddy Krueger: 4.5-5.5 (can air ball his stuff on reaction, but still a lot of effort & risk to get in compared to what you get up close)

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