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New Shao Kahn render! MK11

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People saying they prefer "classic, non-flashy" Shao.... Um, really?
ya really. If you don't see the difference between that and the render I don't know what to tell you. One guy is a dungeons and dragons barbarian man, and the other guy just stepped out of the bling factory.
Leather Daddy!!!1! That chest cut out, eat your heart out power girl.

but also, the dragon aspects are too prominent to ignore (arm spikes, claws, talons, skin colour mottling)
Is it too much of a stretch to say Onaga influence?


Giant barbarian man is a look, but flashy it isn't. All this gold accented stuff doesn't jive with what I found cool about Shao Kahn at all.

I am sure I will be able to have the classic look, but I just don't like this one at all.
I like this one, but, i prefer the other one showed a little while ago.


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dem toes....

on a side note-
has Shao Khan always looked half alien/dragon and the new render system can now properly show this?
what is his Edenian race?

awesome render btw
He has always been some type of half dragon thing, his head/face was the only thing that showed it though but you could never really see, except for in outside game stuff like comics and officially licensed figures.

This is the first time any of it has showed up on his body, which I assume is to make him more visually distinct and clearly non-human.


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Shao’s design has always been heavily inspired by a mixture of stereotypical barbarian and samurai design.
This is true, but it’s still a lot of effort to put in for a pre-order character, whereas Goro and Darkseid pretty much looked how you would expect them to look.

Speaking with @TheGabStandard earlier, he brought up an interesting theory. With all the implications of timeline meddling so far, perhaps this is Shao Kahn after winning Armageddon in the original timeline, and might actually be canon to some degree.


Honestly, this is how Shao Kahn should probably look in my opinion. I have nothing against the old designs -- they are great -- but this is how I would expect him to look like as an emperor of an entire realm. Comparing the design to previous versions of Shao Kahn, it is more or less the same but this time with more gold, engravings, and maybe slightly exaggerated spikes (they are taller and have more of a curve to them). Like I mentioned, it makes him look more like a greedy emperor without sacrificing the evil barbarian/samurai look which stays intact.

The weirdest thing about it is that it looks like he is corrupted and is turning into a dragon somehow. But considering speculation this could be because 1) it has something to do with Onaga, or 2) they are just giving him more unique traits by changing how his race (which was never really explained) looks. Both of these are fine in concept, but I guess I will have to wait and see the execution to really get a solid opinion about it -- assuming he gets at least some story in the game that is canon: brief story mode scenes, canon arcade ending, etc.

I do agree that it looks in-game, and I hope that is the case. It looks amazing and that background would be perfect for customization and menus, in my opinion. Whatever he's standing on reminds me of a clocktower, which I guess makes sense considering the game's story elements that were teased.


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I like how massive he looks, can’t wait to see how he plays. The design is decent, I still prefer MK2, but this isn’t bad at all. He’ll probably have most of his regular stuff available anyway.


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I can't wait to see what kind of gear we get omg

But also

Imagine Jade standing right where he's standing...and all the gear options she might have. Oof. The 17th can't get here sooner!! Ten more days of agonizing pain and teases from NRS. I don't know if I'll last. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of after the reveal, being bombarded with character trailers and reveals and teases out the ass. I need it.


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dem toes....

on a side note-
has Shao Khan always looked half alien/dragon and the new render system can now properly show this?
what is his Edenian race?

awesome render btw
I have a feeling that, going off of the scaly arm and the design of the helmet, this look is supposed to be Onaga reincarnating himself using the clone of Shao Kahn that Quan Chi was creating (as seen in Quan Chi's Fortress in MKX).


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To be fair, it's not like he uses that thing for carpentry, so I can't fault 'em too much on that design choice.

But seriously, I'm digging the hell out of this half-dragon thing they've got going on. Looks like if He-Man and Samurai Jack had a baby with Shredder as the cool/creepy uncle.
lol True, I don't even know why I thought that immediately I think it's cause I was watching a cooking show earlier and the chick cooking was using that lol yeah I thought of Shredder too a little bit with the spiked arms, definitely looks badass. I can't wait to see all the different helmets, masks we'll be able to get for him.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lol guess I should have chosen my words more carefully:D