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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by STORMS, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Doctor Angel

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    I saw the QC sig and it gave me an idea: if he still ends up getting chased through the Netherrealm by Scorpion and does the weird shit he did in DA to escape and get all the extra weird letters, he oughta do a Sanzo Priest attack and just overwhelm the enemy in scroll scribblings and curses and such, glowing red or green calligraphy markings swarming like mad, overwhelming the opponent, he's going crazy, AHH MAKE IT STOP and so forth, and Quan Chi's just having a ball conjuring the spell, then it all crashes together in a big green BOOM and becomes a cloud of smoke in the shape of his projectile skull, and it whiffs away revealing the totally knocked on his ass enemy.

    Ermac could wrap you in a TK lasso and swing you like a tetherball 'til he sees fit to slam you into the ground.

    Shang Tsung could either steal your character and do yours, or throw a bunch of slow-mo fireballs from all directions, have them come to a standstill pointed at the opponent, shoot an evil bad guy smirk smile, and then have his face fill with rage as he bombards him with projectiles.

    A way to reeeeally give Tag Kombat some gas and light a fire with it...can you imagine, for a moment, if there was a way to successfully merge tag attacks between the whole roster? Like if in Tag, instead of a single X-Ray, every possible pairing is assigned an attack they can do together? Scorpion's fire and Fujin's wind, Sub-Zero's Ice and Rain's Lightning, Jax's brute muscle and Kenshi's telekinetics? Good grief, man. I would play Tag just to mix and match.
  2. Raiman

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    no, say baraka would activate his slice special in mk10 with 1 bar. it would be more safe or more damaging or more juggle opportunities than normal version. like now 1 bar ex slice has more damage and can juggle off of in corner. whereas 3 bar ex would have super armor, where nothing could interupt through the whole animation process of the move. so if you wanted more juggle opportunities you'd activate 1 bar ex, but if you wanted to interupt rushdown completely for a combo you'd activate 3 bar ex, but it wouldn't be safe like the 1 bar ex. something like that idk it was an on the spot idea
  3. Ruuku1012

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    How do people feel about projectiles passing through each other?
  4. OZombiePenguinO

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    I like it better the way it is, where super armor is the effect of some EX moves anyway.

    Plus, let's be realistic here, super armor on one special move isn't worth 3 bars lol
  5. OZombiePenguinO

    OZombiePenguinO Garbage, bro

    I prefer it over SF's collisions
  6. GNG Iniquity

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    Yeah, right. NRS won't actually take any of these educated suggestions!
  7. Zebster

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    It isn't a damage buff, it's a meter gain. Besides that, yeah I agree with this.
  8. aj1701

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    So, has this actually ever happened for anyone?
  9. JacopeX

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    It discourages endless projectile collisions and encourages the player to get in their opponents face if they don't want to lose health.

    There's no such thing as keep away.And it makes the game a lot more fast paced and interesting rather than repetitive.
  10. Zebster

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    I've never seen it happen because the window to actually hit someone while Dan is still out is so small.
  11. Wildabeast

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    I like the idea of 2 different X Rays, maybe one Defensive and one Offensive. A fourth meter might be nice if for no other reason than make EX moves more of a factor. Other than that I'd just like them to make the characters more unique, do away with all the universal moves except for maybe the uppercut.

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