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NetherRealm's Silence


It's all so very confusing.
I'm not sure what their plans actually are. I can certainly understand not wanting to drop much info right away when we won't be seeing these new characters and changes and wtf ever else for 6 months though.

I could see a general structure announcement though. Or have they done that already? Ie, 'this many new characters, this many new stages, this many new costumes' that kinda thing.

My biggest question is the timing.. Kp2 is going to be competing with SFV and KI(PC) with the general release schedule they SEEM to be alluding to. I just don't think that's a real good idea. Now, SF and MK both have brand-specific fan bases that belong to one camp or the other and don't co-mingle at all, these folks won't be swayed away from, or to, kp2 regardless, BUUTT there are a LOT of fence sitters, myself being one of them, that either actively play both games or will sway back and forth depending on mood and what's on offer. Folks like myself though are (I would think) more likely to be swayed by a whole new game, more so a few extra characters and costumes. I know, for my own part, I will not be buying kp2 if it drops around the same time SFV and KI do, but if it precedes them by a couple months, I'll be all over it.

Now, what NRS could be trying to accomplish though, is using kp2 to maintain relevance when the two games other games drop, with SFV being the heavy hitter. It could be meant as a bandaid to stop the bleed-off of other players to the other games. Something not meant to pull in new players so much as maintain the current player base.

Everyone wants that MOBA money and following. All other e-sports want to emulate the success of Lol and DotA. Capcom will be best poised to chase that kind success with SFV and from what I have seen, I think they intend to try. This could cause a loss of pro players in the future for MKX. There will always be niche pros, but I find it hard to believe that the guys who make a living off pro play won't be trying their hands at SFV if the events and prize pools end up being as large as I think they will become. Again, kp2 could be designed to combat this loss but I wonder if it's voice will be loud enough for players to hear over the bullhorn that is SFV.

NRS is playing safe and playing smart by not telling us anything. This keeps their options open. I'm sure they have kp2 outlined and are moving forward based on that, but why pigeon hole yourself by releasing details this early that the community will then expect? They can adapt to a landscape that, as I see it, is very much in a state of flux for the next year or so, much for effectively if they DONT give us details. Sure, it drives us crazy as the fans but its good business and a solid strategy by them.

I think the late release date is a gamble but II imagine they know that. It occurs to me that WBs has entire departments dedicated to figuring this kind of thing out and they are doing what they are doing based on the numbers crunched by these departments.. But II just hope they don't fuck it due to ego or misunderstanding a marketplace and a landscape as malleable and liquid as video games.

I personally wish they would just release the damn kp2 byChristmas, becauae in all honesty, when SFV drops, I am dust in the wind and I would like some time to enjoy kp2 before disappearing into SFV. I am not a special snowflake. I am an early 30's gamer who's grown up with this stuff, effectively making me a huge chunk of the market these games are competing for.. And if I feel this way, then legions of others likely do as well. Especially with NRS's shitty treatment of the game as a whole.up.to this point and the general silence about.netcode and blah blah.

NRS/WB has not earned my loyalty as a customer. They most certainly have made things better and I hope they continue to do so, but given their track record, I feel like they should just dump out kp2 and fixes early and capitalize on the fact that they don't have much real competition right now.

That's my selfish wish, because I want to pack as much enjoyment into a game, that FOR ME has a specific expiration date.

I got off topic. My GF is hogging the computer so I'm bored. I also typed all this up on my cell phone.

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Yeah my thought is though they literally just got the thumbs up by WB to do more DLC and therefore wanted to tell everyone right away and probably already had people in mind for a KP2 however no final artwork/renderring is done.
My thoughts exactly. Basically give the community something to hold on to.