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Mortal Kombat X Patch Notes 6/23/15


Kinda the regular thing in NRS games. Im sure they have their own schedule for pushing updates. It'd be nice to know when, but most game devs like to keep their options open without promises one way or another. The backlash is bigger when they say something is going to happen, and then can't for whatever reason. But yeah, transparency would be nice.

The big tourney guys should know how it goes by now. If you're going to play with the cheap stuff, you better learn more than one character because it can get taken away at any moment

Scoot Magee

But I didn't want to dash
No matter how many patches nrs puts out they'll be 5 characters in the bottom 5. I'm not sure how we'll actually know who the real bottom 5 characters are if the game significantly changes every couple of weeks.

It seems the mentality of the players changes significantly when mommy nrs is known for consistently patching the game on a regular basis based on buff/nerf threads made in the infancy stages of a games life. Players find things they think are unfair or they don't like and just request changes. Yet there's never enough time to truly see how the game plays out because of these patches. I think if players just played the game and let it evolve before asking for changes they would most likely have a better idea of what should be changed. To think you can just patch the hell out of a game and make every character viable before evo is crazy imo.

The argument that a lot of players will drop the game if they don't patch it is not necessarily true. On the other hand plenty of tournament players are turned off by and do drop nrs games based on how often the game is changed. I'm not trying to argue weather something is stupid/broken/cheap/sucks or not. I will just never stop arguing that you shouldn't change one thing without a significant understanding of another.

I'm just asking people to please just play the game. If you think a character is bad just pick somebody else. Learn the ins and outs of the game, let it play out. Stop constantly asking for changes especially days after a huge patch was released.


are we forgetting kung laos wake tp and hat throw gave meter? if they banned him in CEO ppl would rage, or banned those moves and you lost an important match because you couldn't do those moves you would be mad. Sure they could have just hot fixed it, but to save time and money they added everything else. NRS is a Company after all, they don't need to care about anyone once you've purchased your copy, but thank the Elder Gods they actually listen and share the same ideals for this game.
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Why isn't the armor removed from the EN Quick Teleport from Tanya? At CEO, Spooky said they were playing the patched version but she still has armor on her teleport.
I don't know, it's weird. I asked about this earlier in this thread and nobody got to me about it. But it's the first thing I tested, and it's still there.