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Combo List - Cyrax MKXL Cyrax Combo Thread *NEW 29th March PATCH*


RIP TYM 6/11/2021

OH/low and low/OH HTB setups from starter, ex-saw, B2, RC, 4-net, dd3

OH/low = Forward dash, cross-over Ji3 (1 frame to block correctly)
low/OH (if they block the bomb first) = Forward dash, pause, cross-over Ji2-111-net


AKA Ponkster
Weird question maybe but what are the best buttons to press for the tech roll combos? (I think that's what they are called)
It's not a weird question! Its a vital part of Cyrax gameplay.

I don't think there is a hard and fast way of doing it. Just find your style in training. I personally use the L1 (throw button) to tech roll. So i can double tap it for tech roll then grab.

For ex saw i roll my fingers down and back and input ex 1 it get it consitantly


RIP TYM 6/11/2021
For tech roll, I do back-back when I land from a fall. So if I want to tech-roll/wake-up grab, I do back-back throw-button. (My throw button is R2). For tech roll/wake-up ex-saw, I do back-back/(ex)db1.