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MKX Medieval Skin Pack Free On March 1st


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Honestly Kotal's default looks fantastic as is, but definitely liking the looks of that armor (I'd be cool to have his sword be medieval looking too).


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Love the Kotal skin. Much better than the Osh Tekk Warrior one. Kung Jin's looks very similar to his Shadow alt and Ferra/Torr's looks very unique.


And someone proved to me that we will have to pay $5 for these skins, "NRS confirmed", lol.
Anyway, I like this skins and it's amazing that we'll get them for free. Thanks, NetherRealm Studios ;)
I don't think Kung Jin's costume looks like his alt. I think the hood is throwing you guys off. It's green and brown with leather, padding and straps. His alt is just blue cloth.


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Seems like they don't have any ideas for Jin and his costumes, but they're all pretty decent.

Jin has been my favorite newcomer only because of that bad ass staff & his amazing sound effects lmao
I should pick up Jin again. He's fun and his intros are hilarious, especially with reptile. "I'm afraid of the salmonella" lol

If you use Jin against Cassie, at certain times during combos he'll say "go tell daddy you suck" lmao


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BADASS! Can't believe these are FREE?! You rock NRS! Torr=executioner lol.

KJ looks sweet, and that KK looks nice(and I don't even like KK that much) far better than his alternate costume for sure.