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MKD Resurrection Part 2: Biggest MidScreen Combos in MKD!!!!

MKD Resurrection II Released: Biggest Guarenteed MidScreen Combos in Mortal Kombat Deception

Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

Back to Back to Back days of combo movies!! What more could you ask for?

Continuing the ongoing mission to exceed in capturing the best combos of MK Deception. This time the movie features the biggest known ( and a few unknown ) midscreen combo for each character. Once again, the video takes full advantage of the 3 set rule: regular combo, otg combo, and free throw combo. All 100% legit, however there are plenty of "old school" combos that focus directly on the regular combo.

Speaking of those, there was THREE, yes three!!! new combos in MK Deception found yesterday.

Kira 59%: f3, cs, cs, 113, cs, 11csb2.

Sub Zero 59%: B2 cs 12 12 cs 12u4, BF 4.

Darrius 44% : 3, cs, 12, cs, cs, 1244

Darrius's combo is implemented into his throw combo at the very end ( 60% )

There is also a new Jade 101%!!! Along with Bo Rai Cho and a few others you will just have to see to believe!!

Enjoy Part 2 of this Masterpiece.

Download MKD Resurrection II from FileFront

Part 3 is not yet confirmed. However, i will be doing random things and pondering my next movie.



You forgot to list the stances, like sub-zero's has to be in his weapon style.
is the end of that sub combo easier to connect online? I am talking about U+4 because I needed to be in a corner to connect that.
i figured everyone would know by now their best popups

12 12 cs 12u4 works online midscreen, im the one who found that combo.
i doubt bf 4 will work after it though

that particular combo offline only works on bo rai cho, and is a player 1 only glitch, meaning the controller has to be plugged into the first side of the playstation in order for it to work or else bf 4 will miss, online it doesnt matter which controller

kira's is player 2's controller as well, and so is darrius.


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I have to go out soon but I'll definitely check these out when I have more time.