MK11 Roster - 29 Characters Confirmed

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Raider, Mar 14, 2019.

By Raider on Mar 14, 2019 at 5:18 PM
  1. Raider

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    Official word on the number of characters playable in Mortal Kombat 11, alongside some mini-biographies for the announced cast. All new on the officially MK11 website.



    28 + Pre-Order DLC.
    35 with Kombat Pack characters.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Raider, Mar 14, 2019.

    1. MCPeePants
      Yea... let's add 5 extra slots at the bottom with varying degrees of shading to make them appear hidden.

      Definitely not a slip up. The slip up was likely the go-live time.
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    2. Gamer68
      I mean, apparently the page wasn't even suppose to be up. The layout is weird and some of the bios seem off, like Geras' calling him by his old name. I don't think it's impossible that they added more slots than there was supposed to be, possibly because of a miscommunication or simply because the page wasn't finished.

      I'm not saying that is what happened, because I listed other things it could have been. I was just saying it's a possibility.
    3. Pizza
      How many times can they fuck up?

      This is Komedy gold
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    4. Harpoon
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    5. STORMS
      So, I'm coming into this late... that URL doesn't work anymore... so are we saying that someone leaked these bios on the site and someone found them or...?
    6. Cashual
      Are you rooflemonger?
    7. BurnKnuckle21
      So are we assuming it's NOT dlc since it's 5 rather than 6? Don't want to get my hopes up.

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    8. mikeraskol
      They were accidentally pushed to the MK website then taken down.
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    9. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Whose asking

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    10. EdenianWarrior
      I wonder what the one word will be for Sindel?
    11. G11OST
      Hello and welcome =)
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    12. MCPeePants
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    13. KillerKombatX
      I think atonement would be a good one for her.
    14. KillerKombatX
      Also i wonder why Kotal's not there but Jacqui and Erron are?
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    15. LeoMK29
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    16. Zev
      It's only people they've officially revealed renders of so far
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    17. Cashual
      Just saw that event hubs was showing your content love, thought it was cool.
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    18. Pizza
      Same reason why Liu Kang and Kung Lao are not there.

      I mean, we all know they're playable. But since they haven't been 'revealed' (what a surprise) yet, so they're not included.
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    19. LawAbidingCitizen
      Ok let's Speculate more on MK11 Roster spots:

      We now know we have 29 characters minimum and most likely 29+6DLC= 35 characters counting KP1.

      Here is the Confirmed characters so far:

      Here is the leaked characters added to the known roster:

      That leaves us with 1 unknown character and 6 DLC characters to be revealed.

      One of the YouTubers(forget name) that had access to chapter 1 of story mode said Jax sits out from how it was worded but that's speculation IMO:
      That leaves us with a possible 2 slots for base roster and 6 to 12 DLC slots to be filled.

      I guess it's time to Speculate what characters you want in those 13 possible slots. Personally I think it will just be one Kombat Pack of 6-dlc plus the 29 characters making 35.

      What I feel is the most wanted characters for MK11 are:

    20. just_2swift
      Rain boyz
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    21. Testurmight19

      He never said Jax sits out. He said he was discharged from special forces for going insane from the events from MKX and even rumor is Jax goes after Kronika to try to fix the past
    22. just_2swift
      Son of Argus. Swag prince. God of 4RH has returned to us. We welcome you oh mighty rain.
    23. Lokheit
      I know she's a klone, but 2 Mileenas would be overkill.
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    24. BlunderGod
      @Lokheit Not to mention you can already have 2 Mileenas when playing a mirror match.
    25. Kratilim
      As much as I really really really want the roster to be 29. I'm still going to cautiously be approaching this info. It could be a mistake or just a tease or something. I'm simply going to protect myself from disappointment (not saying you should though).

      Still, I think Rain would be a safe bet for the 29th spot. Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue, even though I'd like it to be Fujin instead of Rain.
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