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MK11 Notation Guide


This is my billionth life cycle.
Any 2 letter combination over AMP, be it EN, EX, or MB. 2 letters are better than three.

I also think its dumb to distinguish between EN and MB, placement of EN before or after the special/string notation is enough to signify when to actually use the meter. Notation is meant to make things standardized and easy to understand, and you do that by having the least notation as possible while conveying the most meaning.
Trying to find how to do wake ups and air escapes?
Wake Up/Flawless Block attacks:
up+2 (vulnerable, anti air, launches) - combo
up+3 (invincible, loses to air, leaves standing) - no combo

hold [3+4] (stance) - Delay wakeup (cannot use another wakeup option after)
F/B+3+4(stance) = Roll

d+Block (2 Def bars) = Air escape
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can you guys check the list out and tell me if i missed something or did wrong?