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  1. villainous monk

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    I like that you posted this @Badboy Takuma. I wish the site had a standardized notations for newbies or everyone. This a great step forward for many to familiarize themselves.

    I think I posted a similar thread several months ago on terminology here or Reddit

    Good shit.
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  2. Badboy Takuma

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    definitely! at least here on tym we need an standard for notations as well as an updated wiki.
    it can be confusing if, for example, character guides use their own or different notations. definitely confusing for a beginner. but enforcing it can be very difficult or even impossible.
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  3. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    I think this is something we could definitely fix for MK11.

    Like say, standardize using ~ for all the cancels, and putting MB after the move name rather than before for late-meterburned moves. Either use EN always for meter-on-execution specials, or put MB before. Etc.

    We also never really standardized a damage representation for INJ2 with the new life bar system, but that's something we could work out for MK11.

    A bunch of other fighting game communities have done this, so we may as well do it too.
  4. I say ~ is better than xx for representing cancel, don't really know why people used xx to describe canceling honestly.
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  5. nugava

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    Because that fucking ~ tilde is hard to find on the keyboard. xx tho.
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  6. Lmao
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  7. Marinjuana

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    EX Punch Walk is the armored Punch Walk, Punch Walk MB is the launcher. I don't know if every does it but that's how I've always used the terms in context of NRS games.(Edit: Redundant post on my part)

    Also if NRS is going to continue to have MB type moves then please NRS, add the ability to set the opponent to do it as reversal/wakeup/etc.
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  8. Eddy Wang

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    EX/EN - Enhanced Special Move (Requires using a bar of meter as you execute said move)
    MB - Enhhanced Special Move 2 (Allows the use of a bar of meter AFTER you execute certain special moves)
    Note: From MKX towards, some special moves can only being MB'd after you EX'd them though there were exceptions most of EX/EN moves had the possibility of being MB'd afterwards.
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  9. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma Elder God

    what's the benefit to use EN instead of EX?
    EX is a very popular, classic fgc term everyone is familiar with.
    so, why EN though? just because its called so in nrs games?

    i think commentators use EX too, kinda always. "EX nutpunch" i have never heard "EN nutpunch"
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  10. villainous monk

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    So a several months ago I made a thread with the exact same thing why can't we go through it and pick and choose what should be relivent and with a mini description of said notations.

    I remember it was extremely long though.
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  11. villainous monk

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    I perfer EX instead. It's just familiar and more widely used even though it's not quite them intend to be used that way.

    It's good to know the difference but it's not totally necessary to use EN most times.

    It's like in basketball with and1 compeared to and a extra bucket to the line.
  12. BecomingDeath13

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    I've always used ex over en.
    Having a MB roll be an on execution action though was always bothersome to me. At that point just call it an ex roll.

    As far as cancels, I tend to use ~ and xx almost interchangeably so either one of those are fine with me. If we had to choose though I'd pick the tilde over xx. Mainly because it is a unique character and stands out more..

    Cryo Sub
    B12~EX DB2, JIK, RUN~F24~DBF3~BF4

    Maybe have a character between EX and the actual command to show a connectivity there, but I mean we all pretty much know the following command is what's being enhanced.
    I think a regular space there is fine though honestly.
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  13. Rathalos

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    I think we should use anime style number notations for directions.

    So DF4 is 264

    Nothing could possibly go wrong.

    Remember when MK9 first came out and everyone was playing it and all the MK fans got super angry when anyone called EN moves EX moves? That was funny.
  14. Bucketfeet

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    The notation says njp - neutral jump

    I believe njp is neutral jump punch and nj is neutral jump.
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  15. Badboy Takuma

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    njp: neutral jump punch
    njk: neutral jump kick
    jip: jump in punch
    jik: jump in kick

    we have to wait for mk11 infos tho.
    such things as empty neutral jumps are not usual at all in nrs games.
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  16. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    Always used EX over EN, never really bothered me too.

    I know NRS comunity likes to individualize themselves sometimes, but the idea is to have a concise guide everyone can follow through and understand, there is no reason to over complicate things or create sort of ambiguity.

    A code that can be clear read by someone who has none or somewhat understandment of advanced fighting game maneuvers or levels its what we should aim at.

    So definitely not using numerical directions unless asians are playing MK, which they never do.
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  17. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma Elder God

    i think the same.
    crimson prefers EN.
    this topic is crucial actually and we should discuss this in a separate thread imo.
    cos we must agree with one notation as a standard for tym to make it easier for all the new players.
  18. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    Again I don't particularly care either way, just pointing out that 'enhanced' is generally what it's been called in our community, so shortening that to 'EN' makes sense. 'EX' is usually something people say who cross over from Street Fighter and games like that, where it was referenced as "EX" in the game.

    But it doesn't really matter all that much -- these are minor nitpicks.
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  19. trufenix


    Shouldn't the standard be what the game says and not what some old game we don't play anymore says
  20. HeavyNorse

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    Well, the standard can change for each new game, but they will always be compared to those that came before.
  21. huh

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    I agree. One simple solution is to call it EX roll.

    Make any meter+move be called EX, and written with the EX before the move (EX roll, EX df1...)
    And any meter after the move would be MB, writing it after (df1 MB)
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  22. Barrogh

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    A suggestion:

    Back in MK9 era we used mostly "~" notation, denoting that it meant buffering during startup of previous move because, obviously, this is how it worked in the game.

    "xx" was mostly used in other games (I think SF community uses that for the most part?), and traditionally cancelling in most games was done differently than in NRS games, by inputting required stuff during previous move's recovery.

    Since MKX we've actually seen both methods in place: pre-buffering was still the to-go method, but some moves (Mileena's teleport into air sai, for example) worked differently, like it does in many non-NRS games.

    Perhaps, similarly to how we adopted and formalized the difference between 2 ways of using meter versions of moves (pre-burning and post-burning), we could do the same with cancelling, just in case there will be moves with different cancelling windows in MK11?
  23. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    My gut feel is that we should do away with both "xx" and "EX" and just use AMP (or whatever), EN (if that's still needed), and ~.

    I'm not sure the difference between types of cancelling is significant enough to warrant different notation.
  24. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    Oh, it's probably not, but can be helpful for first timers. It definitely was for me back in MK9 (when I was absolutely clueless) to be able to see differences in timing just by looking at notation, and this works basically to the same end so I felt like suggesting it.
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  25. Badboy Takuma

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