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MK11 female designs are... extremely underwhelming

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Why do only females need realistic attire?
My only gripe is with the freaking heels, like BS, I can't walk straight in those.

Nobody fights in that, that’s a weigh-in.
They do fight in shorts and shirts dude come on. They gave the most of the SF women the shittiest costumes with the blandest colors.

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Imagine if they let females wear a sports bra and compression short.. good lord.. or.. have tattoos.. Or a three dimensional personality! Scary thoughts.

To be fair, Im 11 games, 2 movies, a cartoon, 2 comics, and a web series deep in this universes lore.. and Ill be honest. Kitana wanting Edenia back is barely a plot. Shes so one dimensional its laughable. So much going on with her story, and EVERYONE involved is more interesting than her. Sonya has no motivation outside of “Serve my superiors.” Then they made her the one thing society tells women theyre good for, had a baby! Yay! The females are written like absolute hot dog water, but you guys wanna cover up their boobies and give them battle armor.

Yeah, this is logical.0

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Exactly, that's the point. There's a pretty big difference between a "woman dressed provocatevly" and "fictional woman depicted provocavely by a man for other men".

Until people understand that this conversation will never go anywhere.
I've always found this kind of silly. So if they had a team of female artists draw up costumes for Kano and Johnny Cage that were meant to be attractive to straight females, that would be problematic? And what about homosexual men and women? Why can't they be pandered to as well? Are we not allowed to have any depictions of sexy women simply because men enjoy it, despite there being a female audience that also likes it?

I'm not in favor of ugly stripper outfits, I just think the "depictions of women for the 'male gaze'" is a really silly argument. I think everyone should be pandered to a little bit, regardless of your sex and sexuality. There should be purposefully attractive men for those that want it, and attractive females for others.

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I've always found this kind of silly. So if they had a team of female artists draw up costumes for Kano and Johnny Cage that were meant to be attractive to straight females, that would be problematic? And what about homosexual men and women? Why can't they be pandered to as well? Are we not allowed to have any depictions of sexy women simply because men enjoy it, despite there being a female audience that also likes it?

I'm not in favor of ugly stripper outfits, I just think the "depictions of women for the 'male gaze'" is a really silly argument. I think everyone should be pandered to a little bit, regardless of your sex and sexuality. There should be purposefully attractive men for those that want it, and attractive females for others.

Sure, I'm not saying it's a bad thing in itself, as long as we're straight (no pun intended) about what we're talking about.
I'm just saying that using real life as a justification for the how characters are dressed in a videogame to me is pretty stupid because fictional characters have no agency nor choice. Saying "women dress provocatevly in real life" doesn't mean anything because in real life people dress how they want for whatever reason, characters in a game are created by people with a purpose: selling.

As long as we're clear with that, if someone says "I want them to be half naked because I like them that way" fine, I don't particularly care but I'm fine with that. Any other reason to me it's just stupid and pointless.
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@CrimsonShadow The first one is a legit fighting outfit, and second one that top has been used in UFC fights. My point is, they show a lot of skin and don't need extra garments getting in their way when they fight. Sonya's outfit is similar in this regard. At any rate, nobody is going to fight in what Skarlet's wearing. They'd literally strangle her with her own front flap.

Also, look at what these two are wearing especially the girl on the left. I'd say they're both pretty revealing in terms of skin and practicality.

For me, it's that and I want a little fanservice as well. I mean, what's wrong with that?
Exactly, I feel the same way man. Plus, I mean it's a video game not REAL people but yeah that's
I know you're making a point about something else, but I'm salty af that this look isn't in the final game.

Anyway, I think Kitana, Jade and Skarlet look great. Cassie's default design is fine as well. She just drew the short straw when it comes to alternatives.
No worries dude, I'm pretty sure you can have her pixie haircut if you wish. Skarlet has a lot of options or are you talking about the outfit?
I still don't see what's so wrong about having costumes like this...

I think it fulfills fanservice without being over the top about it and it even looks more realistic than "stripper cop" or whatever people call her base outfit in mk9.
Honestly, it's more realistic I agree for fight what she's wearing. She looks like Sarah Connor in T2. The first outfit she actually has pants on, but shows more chest but I think this one is both practical, logical and sexy at the same time.

It's almost like in the real world we have a thing called the agency of a person, which can actually be determined, and should supercede any argument over what is acceptable? And since video game costumes are designed with intentions the conversation is a little different?

The only way to navigate this is to consider whether the costume fits a the character's origins, personality, aesthetics, etc. Don't fucking @ me about shirtless Jax and Liu Kang, dudes don't care enough to be a part of this conversation and it's as simple as that.

Now with that out of the way NRS completely dropped the ball with Cassie's costumes. She's already pretty armored up in her default and I can think of no good reason for her to go full Anthem Javelin in her alts. The end result is different (scantily clad vs. armored up) but the problem is the same. Cassie's personality was pretty well established in MKX and these costumes don't reflect that or the choices she would make given her character. That's why Endurance Cassie in MKX was so dope.
I agree on most of your points, outside of a few. It's still a video game at the day, and honestly if it were me making the game I'd flat out tell everyone just that. I could see people griping if the game had obvious say racism or mocking God or something that warrants protest but I digress, so back to the topic at hand.

If I may, Why don't dudes care exactly? Their looks fit their character but then so do the women(til this game with some costumes) I personally don't think the characters care what they wear except SF since they're usually fighting bullets so I get the bulletproof vests but the designers are hypocrites as far as I'm concerned as far as their reasoning or the dude in that interview at least. He's trying to say "we want a more mature look" yet it's MK lol, yeah the look is mature but the game as even Ed boon has said numerous times is also meant to be tongue and cheek so honestly I don't give a damn what people say who design them trying to justify the female costumes. It makes no sense. And a lot of people on YT made videos even pointing this out as well. Look at Shao Kahn, dude literally has always shown his chest, most of his legs, arms and wears a loin cloth covering his manhood. But sure let's cover up Skarlet and Frost from head to toe? Give me a break...

Anyway, I don't mean to rant I just think that's guy's reasoning is bs to put it bluntly. I have no issue with Cassie's comic book outfit, she's in a UFC style ring both her and Frost were more practically dressed. Not like strippers or pole dancers but definitely not covered from head to toe either. I think her default is alright, but agree definitely should have more options even if it's one more revealing, skin exposing one. Not for sexual reasons but just to A. change it up and B. see something more practical and not so heavily armored when H2H fighting.


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Its a slippery slope even if there wasnt this disparity between men and women in this game.

What if for MK 12 they wanted the violence to be more realistic and anyone wanting the traditional levels was said to just go watch gore-porn films.

The whole idea that a half naked character of any gender is worse than some of the violence on show here is absolutely absurd.
Exactly!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fatalities, over the top gore, blood etc but when I read that article I said to myself. BULLSHIT! Mature? My ass, don't try to tell me some bs lie about maturity as the reason why you're covering up everyone in a game where you have an actor martial artist rip someone in half and use him as a damn ventrioquist dummy. Because that's "mature"? BTW I love Johnny, I rarely main him but he's one of my favorite sillier characters FTR just making a point on the "mature" factor


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I agree with you except for Cassie. Cassie's entire design is supposed to be over the top confidence and flamboyancy. It shines in her intros and outros and her Fatals as well as her FB and her between round taunt. She's a super fly idgaf hard hitting memelord bitchy brat that knows her genetics give her an edge on most people. She needs an outfit that reflects her "Lololol really?" side. Give her a halter top and a pair of pajama pants lmfao give her some pop in color. She's supposed to be a character, like her dad.
I would buy the "Laundry Day Cassie" costume pack


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SJW ALERT, SJW ALERT!! Didn't take long for someone to get triggered here lol.

WTF is a "weeb"? lmao...this another made up term or something kid?

Found the first troll here.

Ignore my previous comment, since you clearly misread it.


To educate you since you clearly misread what I said and didn't even look at my my avatar? lmao...fail. I said nothing about cleavage. Where did I say anything about that in my prior post? lmao...these people. Do you people always put words in people's mouths? I mean at least try to post a good argument if you're going to try to be funny, at least read what I say please. Wanting classic costumes does not translate to "owee I want boobs" there's porn and women for that, but there's something called oldschool fans and different tastes as well as umm MK lore? Derp.
I mean, maybe it’s not what you meant, but talking about “PC nonsense” definitely gives off the impression that you wish there were more tits/skin. Can’t blame the guy for taking it that way. You weren’t talking about color schemes or whatever, and the debate online has mostly been about “functionality” vs. “sex appeal”.

Personally, I think MK9 had terrible female designs. Hated them. And the guys were not much better. Just too over the top and cartoonish for my taste. The women sort of reminded me of the girls from that cartoon “Heavy Metal” or something.

But I agree with the sentiment in this thread; some of the women’s designs are just boring— especially the SF characters.

Kitana, Skarlet, Jade, Jacqui, D’vorah all look really great I think, and I’m hopeful that MK11 will feature a ton of alternate skins for all characters sort of like how SFV does where they seem to constantly release additional skins.

I just hope this wasn’t some ploy to suck a bunch more money out of people. I’ll wait til release and some early DLC before I completely write it all off.


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I've been quite about my opinion until now.

I agree with the OP 99%
The designs for most female characters are just bland. The top left pic in op either Sonya or Cassie I can't tell looks good to me but that's probably because I like earthy tones in my style. But no one can say Cassie has good skins. They are abysmal and a disgrace.

Not to make anything about stripper poles! I feel most of the outfits are too conceling, they cover every inch of thier bodies aside from a handful of skins showing arms.
Now I'm not wanting bouncing tits or anything, just a balance between MK9 and MKX. X had some very cool designs especially ones like Kitanas default and Mileena's Vampirees.

It would be nice to see females dressed how they do in real life not metal gear/ Indiana Jones suits like they are vampires going to the desert!

I can only hope most of these costume get a redesign.


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The designs don’t even look rushed, they’re all very intricately designed, detailed, and fully modeled.

They just aren’t that exciting.

Like if you look at Cassie’s space suit it has a ton of fine details on it and complex parts, it just doesn’t look as cool as it could.
when i say every aspect is rushed that includes deciding what your character is going to look like. i'm not referring to the quality of the design but the amount of thought put into them, that's the part that i feel was rushed. i feel like a lot of the decision making was rushed to have enough time to make the game 'look' good. And that's not just with character design choices, it shows in some gameplay decisions, variation decisions, the list goes on


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Yo, I'm back to reply to your comment as I wrote I would, just for the sake of discussion.

What's wrong with Jade poledancing?
To put it in perspective, imagine Sub-Zero wearing only the blue part of his costume while the black cloth is now replaced by naked skin, and when he wins a match he does slow, sexy pelvic thrusts in a dance, as a victory pose.

Awkward? Illogical? Yep.

The moment Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Rain or any of the male ninja does something like that, it's the moment Jade can poledance in bikini and high heels.

The issue isn't Cetrion's skin or really any newcomers' skin. I could care less if new female characters have a conservative outfit. My issue is changing an established character's design to the point where it's the opposite of what it previosly was.

Again: Sub-Zero is now Asian. That's changing an established character's design to the point it's etc. etc.

And is Jade in clothes really the OPPOSITE of Jade in bikini? If you think so, it means you thought the bikini was an important part of Jade's identity, and Jade isn't Jade if she's not in bikini (and possibly poledancing).
Despite the fact that her lore never was about her being a seductress or something. She's a ninja assassin like Sub-Zero or Rain.

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