long time fan, fairly new player with some questions

Discussion in 'Noob's Passage' started by NverM0re, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. NverM0re

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    well, after suffering through street fighter 4 for a year, i've come to find out that i really enjoy fighting games more than i thought. I always enjoyed MK since it started but I never played seriously or competitively. to the point, i wanted to know what the community is like for MK. I played street fighter for so long because i've only ever seen street fighter tournaments and gatherings advertised(i'm in north jersey). if there were people playing mk actively anywhere near here, that would be amazing, i'll burn my super right now :p. aside from that I was curious as to what mk games people are actually playing. you know i dont want to spend hours training in mk 2 if nobody is playing it at all or for the most part. i'm on ps3, so i have mk2, i just got mk vs dc which is seemingly hard to learn online, but i like that most the players are really good! I don't know i guess that's a wall of text but i'm new to the game and i'd like to know where to actually start!
  2. Krayzie

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    Welcome to TYM.

    The game you want to pick up is, "Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3." And if you are serious about tournament-play. Believe it or not, MKvsDC just started making appearances next to UMK3 & 2, and for its first major tournament this last weekend, it did very well.

    You can also stand in line with the rest of us as we wait for MK9.

    Check out the tournament forums while you check out the site. We are currently uploading NEC-XI tournament videos as we speak. And at the same time, working on getting Mortal Kombat an appearance at "West Coast Warzone 3" in Cali. Hope you enjoy yourself here, and hope to see you at a future event.
  3. Dark_Rob

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    Welcome to Testyourmight NverMOre! My man your in North Jersey? Good news you are smack dab in the middle of the UMK3 offline/tournament community. The Northeast is home to some of the best players in UMK3 like Reo,DC Hustle,AC1984,Shock,9.95,Summoning and lots of others. We hold casuals at one anothers houses all the time and we bring UMK3 to no less than 5 or 6 major tournaments a year. We just were at NECXI in Philadelphia P.A. and it was the biggest tournament for MK ever. We had MK2,UMK3,MKDC,MKDA,MKD,MKA all being played at one point or another. Is this what your looking for?
  4. SZSR

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    Welcome to TYM. We have a lot of members in the NE coast so tournies are possibilities don't fret about them being there. Our kommunity is open to any and all people who seek high level MK, but don't be so quick to drop SF. MK still has stuff to learn from SF.
    And for playing games, MK2, UMK3 and MKvsDC are active if you're looking for games, MKA and MKD still is there, just not as big as the three already stated.
  5. S-I-C

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    I dont know much about gatherings, but I do know there is still good comp on MK2 & MKvsDC. Mk2, I would suggest fighting BD-PREDATOR578.

    On MKvsDC i would suggest fight GamerBlack, Emp Infusion, any BD- who still plays, any DM members who play, & deff any BMF who plays.

    There is a ton of good comp here on TYM for SF, MK, CoD & many other games.

    Talk to KrayzieBone about gatherings. I don't think he is Jersey area but I believe he knows quite a bit.

    Welcome to TYM & hope to see you on MK9. My psn is BD-S-I-C, my clan is BD- ( Brutal Dedication)

    Invite your friends to TYM.
  6. NverM0re

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    thanks guys! yes, i cannot wait for mk9! and yes rob that's exactly what i'm interested in. i think for the time being i'm going to play mk dc online until i get a car. then i will definitely be up for seeking out UMK3 play, because i really like that game. while i won't bash sf completely, it just isn't for me. like aside from being competitive i don't have any other drive to play it anymore, not really a fan of any of the characters or anything like that. so I tend to hold back my own progress of being better at that game because i feel like i'm forcing myself to it. where as with mk if i never become good at any of them for whatever reason, i like the games so it's not like i'm going to hate playing it. ok sic ill add you, maybe we can get some rounds of mk dc in. still learning that. i played some really good people on it already and got destroyed lol. but i'll learn it =D. and thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome, i like it here already! hopefully soon I can contribute to the community as well as make it out to some events. we'll see how everything goes.
  7. MKF30

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    Welcome to TYM NeverMore, long live MK!

    Once MK9 hits, everything else will be behind it no doubt have fun man!
  8. Dr Doggystyle

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    welcome here at TYM
  9. Juggs

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    Welcome to TYM!
  10. STORMS

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    SIC, we NEED to get your and your family to ECT3 is possible? I am dying to meet you... seriously. And once you get a taste of a major offline tournament... it's gonna be like NEO taking the red pill... you will NEVER look at online the same.

    Welcome, Nvermore!!! Enjoy the site and you also need to come out to ECT3 or even Winter Brawl on 2/26!
  11. KombatNerd

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    Welcome to TYM!
  12. NverM0re

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    thanks for the warm welcome everyone! and i'm liking the vid juggernaut! lol. i was going to try attending the next two east coast events. i should be around depending on what's happening for me work wise.
  13. TWZTID

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    sooooooooooo........ like welkum n stuff. i still play mkdc once in a while as well as mk2 and ssf4.

    feel free to ad BD-TWZTID if u like. but i do tend to play COD:BLACK OPS alot more.

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