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Apr 19, 2012
Nov 15, 2009
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Mar 27, 1976 (Age: 41)
In Vertigo

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Noob, 41, from In Vertigo

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Apr 19, 2012
    1. Antlason
      happy birthday
    2. Hitbox_Tyrant
      Whts up man! I play sometimes, im more of an offline player. My win/loss record on mk9 is negative -__- LOL. You going to Devastation?
    3. Zebster
      Where is your signature from?
    4. STORMS
      On vacation there, Sunshine. ;)
      Let's get some matches in sometime this weekend.
    5. Krayzie
      Sure, ill send the 10.
    6. Krayzie
      Yo, are you sure you took the $60 back?

      It showed up on my balance. Let me know what you want me to do.
    7. Krayzie
      Don't worry about it man. Monday sounds good.

      As long as you got home safe.
    8. Krayzie
      Okay, cool then.

      The money doesnt actually go to my bank account, just my paypal first. So it will be easy to just send the payment back to you when it arrives.
    9. Krayzie
      Dude, do you have enough money for the hotel and still have money for food after this?

      The hotel is now $49 with McNasty. If you cant do it, then I was going to cover you. The problem with this is that now I wont have gas money...

      If you have enough, let me know and when the money gets to paypal, I will send the $60 right back to you.
    10. Krayzie
      Oh god... lol

      That completely defeated the purpose in this... I'm not sure how to cancel it. I'll try.
    11. Krayzie
      Yeah, sure.

      My email is [email protected]
    12. Krayzie
      Right now, $60. Unless McNasty joins us.
    13. Krayzie
      Also, talk to McNasty and see if he wants to stay with us.
    14. Krayzie
      Yo, what up man.

      I was wondering if there was a way to get the hotel money a bit in advanced, like on thursday or something. I put my card down, but it wont cover it, until the all the money is in my bank.

      Let me know.
    15. Krayzie
    16. Krayzie
      2 more weeks, Twztid!

      Get hype!
    17. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      Yea, I hear ya. Thanks bro.
    18. STORMS
      Well said and thanks for the support and thanks for straightening a "certain" matter out. I couldn't have said it better... thank you, bro.
    19. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      Good shit in that thread on that other site. Mad props to you bro.
    20. MKF30
      Hi, I'll answer here since Storms doesn't want off topic stuff in the thread. Twiztid, since you asked and make a good point yes I have(at my friends place) perhaps you've read about him when I've posted in the past, he has every console(a huge gamer) and gets every new, big game that comes out for all of them. GT is good, definitely not a bad game I just enjoy Forza more mainly because they implemented the online play, customizations to your car etc Which is really cool if you're artistic. So just want to let you know I'm not assuming anything, I've played both but prefer neither when I'm playing racing games. I prefer Forza over GT but I enjoy arcade racing games like Split Second, Burnout etc more. I enjoy fast paced arcade racers :) but if you like more realistic racers, you really can't go wrong with Forza or GT.
    21. sadistic_beauty
      Thank you. ;-)
    22. sadistic_beauty
      It's just that I like playing as sadistic chicks in video games.
    23. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      no, sorry i dont. BUT your not missing anything. it fucking sucks :/
    24. STORMS
      As the artwork flows... ;) . That's the main problem... we can't use a shit image of a character for a banner and have it look good. Luckily the guys from TRMK and KAMIDOGU provided high resolution pics of the E3 banner.

      If you find any renders, send them this way!! :D
    25. STORMS
      No problem! Thank you! :D I also mentioned your other ideas to the rest of the staff.

      Getting a lot of compliments on the banner... I was surprised how well it turned out for me. Once I got home today from work... I ran to PS and started on it, lol.
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    Mar 27, 1976 (Age: 41)
    In Vertigo
    I eat, I shit, I drink, and sometimes sleep