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  1. Only gimps play Kung Lao Brah!

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  2. Where's my 24 Low Hat?

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  1. for the people who DO use 24spin. low hat on hit changes youre opponents stance. just a little info thats pretty useful.

    edit: forgot to mention a throw will always leave you at the wrong stance, so for example a throw followed up with a low hat on hit means you can follow up with 24 spin without worrying about the stance. so for people who think its too much of a bother to check if youre in the correct stance, you now have a situation where you will always be able to use 24 spin.
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    ggs the other day buddy. I'm watching this thread as well, so I can improve my Lao. Nice mirror we had there. UFG looking forward to the updates!
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  3. more random information: if you hit the opponent airborne while he was trying to jump away with 21212, the best way to convert is probably ex spin if you really want that damage to win the round or match, normal spin can whiff and get punished or might be hard to convert into a combo with.
  4. Is :fp:fp:bp, spin, jump kick, telethrow viable?
    I think it is great for putting opponents into corner. On The Pit stage, one combo from midscreen could put them into corner already.
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    On The Pit stage most Kung Lao combos have enough wall carry to drive the opponent pretty close to the corner anyway. I've never really thought about your suggestion to be honest. How much damage are you sacrificing? I do use the tele throw for unbreakable damage: spin into ex hat into tele grab. You can do that if it's going to kill your opponent and you don't want him to break.
  6. yeah, it was only 24%, which was quite low compared to other combos. i only discovered it when i was playing around with kung lao because i cannot do the :bp:bk:fp+:bp after the jump kick, divekick. how do you guys do it?
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    I'm guessing you're struggling with the part where you gave to press two buttons at the same time? You can substitute that with the grab button. Meaning instead of 2,4 1+2, just do 2,4 grab (R1 button on the Playstation).
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    I'd rather have a thread about how to beat KL
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    neutral crouch...
  10. i already knew that trick. its more like i cannot land the 2,4 after the jump kick dive kick. is it because i was cancelling too slow?
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    What is the combo you're trying to do exactly? Is it the double dive kick combo? Generally, an easier combo is Spin, Jump kick dive kick, dash 1, dash 24grab.
  12. It is this combo, but I never added the dash 1, instead, i just did dash 2,4grab after the dive kick. Thanks a lot.
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    Right, trying to improve my Kung Lao, in the bnb combos after a kick+dive kick I cant seem to do a fp after the dive kick? How do you do this? Is it a matter of speed of the kick+dive kick after the hat spin?
  14. I think it is the matter of how fast you cancel the jump kick into the divekick. I tried before and you need to cancel into the divekick after the jump kick hit so it looks like you only the divekick, or else your opponent will be too far away for the dash fp.
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  15. Rather do B1,F1,spin as a punisher. Higher damage Brah
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    B1 is very slow. It can't be a standard punisher the same way 21 is (7 frame start up, special mid). B12 is a specific punish.
  17. True but I mean your qoute = punishing ERMAC Tele Scorpion Tele, Sektor Tele Raiden Dive ect. Only in those like you mentioned earlier in this thread to use b.3.3 for that. I use B1,F,1,spin

    You Said =
    A F0xy Grampa said:
    Use B33 spin as a punisher, just incase you think you might mess up 2 1 or 112
    Yea, I do it on Raiden's Dive, Scorpions Teleport, Sektors Teleport...
    ''Strength isn't everything''

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